Slow day fucking you over? Ever notice that when you’re in the middle of something, it’s easy to move onto the next thing and you get a lot done? That’s because you’re in motion and have your groove on.

But this feels impossible when you’re not moving at all doesn’t it? I’ve got you. Today, we’re going to jumpstart your slow day. You’ve gotta stop starting at the start though, that’s not where you belong. Ask yourself: Where can you start that will allow you to jump right in and bring your ideas to fruition?

Ready? Here are my best 5 steps for kickstarting a slow day:
1. Take a break

One of the things that we forget is that to create, produce or make something happen a lot of relaxation and nurturing is required. Creativity does not perform that well under stress, and neither do you. So let’s take that pressure off and give yourself permission to create the space to relax.

2. Check in with your idea

When things are going slow our first instinct is to look at outside sources and go “I’m waiting on this” or “this isn’t happening fast enough because of this”. Instead check back in with the idea or project itself and ask it “what do you require?” and “what do you desire?”. Your idea is your partner in crime, so allow it to give you the direction you are looking for.

3. Just handle it

What is it that you are avoiding or not willing to look at that is delaying your projects and holding you back? To create a constant forward momentum you have to be willing to be honest about those places where you are getting stuck and then take some sort of action to get over it. It takes more energy to avoid something than it does to actually handle it, so just get it done. Remember: We can do hard things, to set things in motion!

4. Eliminate the judgment

Nothing will slow down your creative process and kill your ideas faster than judgment will. The judgments you have of you and what you are creating (or not creating) will squash you, suffocate you and leave you feeling depleted. There is no place for judgment in your world of creation – it just does not belong. So acknowledge what is going on right now for you, without the judgment attached, and you will then have a sense of freedom and space that will allow you to create more.

5. Stop starting at the start

The start is not where you belong. Where can you begin that will allow you to jump right in and get things moving? Start with your natural form of expression – the easiest way for you to express yourself. I invite you to get messy, to get creative, and most importantly … to get started!

Notice even the article was backwards? ;) our brains are wired differently and if you start logistically you’re going to get paralysed. Literally just take any action to set things in motion → it’s going to work to get you off your ass and moving. This is the most important step.

You’ve got this. And you will feel better once you’re not thinking about how slow things are! ;) You know what to do now… (go do the work!)

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