It’s a popular narrative today: Cancel capitalism and billionaires shouldn’t exist.

Let’s explore – what is this point of view really creating? In saying Capitalism and Billionaires shouldn’t exist, that they should be cancelled – doesn’t that disempower you from being what you could be with that kind of money?

Yes money is part of the picture but it’s also a side effect of the result, it’s not actually the end game.

There’s never been a better time to be someone that’s consciously wealthy. For me what that means is you are using the elements of benevolent capitalism, you are using your buying power to create and shape the world that you would like, you are being a voice of change and literally using one of our best elements for making change to create the world.

People wonder how they can change the world and what they can do and putting your money into the places that can create that is one of the best ways.

If you don’t have money to speak for you then you can’t actually participate in the conversation. People forget that money and wealth is as much a conversation as it is in a way of communicating as your voice or as your written word or as your opinion.

Some examples of Benevolent Capitalism:

When you have money you get to participate in the conversation. You can’t infiltrate that conversation and create change without being a participant. Being on the outside and complaining that things should be different never creates a change. But inserting yourself into the conversation by your very merit does.

That’s why what I see what I do is empower the people that have the ability to change the world and help them use their currencies effectively to do that. And currency meaning their voice, their choices, their money, their businesses and their interactions with the world.

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