Creative one… how’s your head?
Is it full to the brim with ideas just begging for you to start?
I get it, having scatterbrained, creative genius for a brain isn’t easy. Choosing ideas, wrangling with administration stuff, and just plain not-getting-distracted is a multi-faceted battle we are all living with.
Let me tell you a little secret … you are not wrong for being so aware of all the different possibilities and ideas, you just have to learn how to make bright shiny object syndrome your bitch.
So, here are my top 3 tips for doing just that:
1.  Do not choose to create based on what you have been told you can handle
We live in a world of possibilities and choice all around us yet we have grown up with a scarcity mentality. We have learned that we can only choose one to two things at a time so we stop ourselves from choosing all the things we know is possible to create.
It doesn’t have to be that way!
We live in a universe that constantly wants to gift to us and share everything that it has to offer. Sometimes we are brave enough to open up to receiving and peep into that world. That is when our creations truly thrive, because we are willing to be aware of everything that will make it greater.
But if you function from the conditioning that you can only choose or handle one to two things at a time then you freeze up like a deer in headlights, instead of opening out and knowing that you are always going to have way too much available to you.
2.  Ask: Is this for now or later?
So now you have all these ideas available to you, which do you consciously and proactively choose so that they actually come to fruition?
What’s helpful to recognize is that you can choose to create all of your ideas, just some of them are not for right now. Ask this question for all ideas that show up “Are you for now, or the future?”. Let the ideas tell you when they are ready to go!
For example, I recently had an idea to create a Facebook group for my program “Rebellious Rituals” so that I could engage with more rebels who are looking for practical self-care tools. Even though it is clear what is required to make this happen – the space, the energy, the time, and the resources for that group are not there yet. So instead of going, “Oh my god, I’m not doing this” and then feeling bad for not choosing it, I am simply saying “Cool, let me know when it’s time for you”.
3.  Keep adding your energy to all your projects
You do not have to function from an either/or choice when working on different projects. There are some ideas that you will actively work on and some that you will accumulate the resources, energy and space for over time. When you are working on them actively it is like you are using the Espresso button to make yourself coffee. And when you are letting something percolate, because there’s not time for it yet, you’re using the Coffee Drip filter.

I’ve spent my life struggling with Bright Shiny Object Syndrome, you are not alone. These ideas that are available to you is like having a menu to select from in each moment to keep things fresh. Not all ideas are for now, but when they are ready – you’ll be ready too! So go make yourself some coffee – the slow or espresso type and make Shiny Object Syndrome your bitch!

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