Do you think you need to have things nice, quiet, clean and organized in order to create?


Be honest: How messy is your life right now?


And do you live it anyway?


Same thing with your ideas.


Do you know where the best place to start is? Literally ANYWHERE but the beginning.


Starting at the beginning is bullshit. It’s the easiest way to fail at bringing your ideas to life.


But start in the middle, the end, or wherever you are currently at right now and chaos ensues.


The creative spark can’t help but build.


This is just the beginning of magic, of creativity, and of being unstoppable in your life. It’s just running with the chaos and owning your own crazy, creative, weird-ass process of bringing what you know is possible to the world.


When you trust the process and bring those creations to life, then you can make money from them. Because you really should. And if you’re not, that just means that you haven’t been given the right tools that work with your weird brain, your weird way of creating, and that is designed to be fluid.


The one thing that I think business shouldn’t be as suffocating, strict, or harsh. You are allowed to move, you are allowed to have the freedom to change your mind and to change your idea. You just need a business strategy that can have that kind of flexibility.


We think that when you have a business you are supposed to be organized and have a systematic approach.


That works for someone who doesn’t have a huge creative spark.


You need the mess, you need the chaos.


So don’t make it systematic, make it pragmatic.


Your business should be a home for your creativity. So start wherever you are at (even if it is not the beginning), and lean into that creative chaos to create greater than you could even possibly imagine.


Let’s stop waiting for things to be nice, quiet, clean, and organized in order to create.


Let’s just do it anyway.


Those ideas free-loading in your head that don’t pay rent … It’s time they start paying YOU! But you don’t have to do it alone. I know how hard it is to create momentum, calm down your overthinkers mind, and let’s not even start on the bright shiny object syndrome. My membership program can help, check it out here: