Buying yourself jewellery… Self-care or just for the elite?

When I started to examine some of what I do that’s self-care, there’s a lot I thought would be inaccessible and not worth talking about.

I know I am an anomaly, and don’t desire to promote flashy or unattainable wealth. But I also realise, who the hell am I to tell you what isn’t or isn’t achievable for you?

So… ready for story time?

One of the tools I have used for a long time is what’s called an “Honoring Account” where you take a percentage of every amount of money you receive and put it in an account.

The purpose of this account is to honour you and to gain a sense of having money.

You don’t touch this account.
You don’t spend it.
It’s not there for emergencies.
It’s there for having.

The exception to these guidelines is you can invest this money in items of intrinsic value that will increase over time without requiring maintenance.

So a house, car, volatile stocks or a business would not fit the investment criteria, but a term deposit, precious metals, bank deposit, or precious items do.

And diamonds are a girls best friend right?

(The other secret way investing this account works, is it’s much harder to spend if it’s not in cash form.)

So over the years, I’ve grown my portfolio, and branched out into not only buying a sizeable collection of various items, but I’ve loved how wearing what I’ve invested in, contributes to me and my body.

This particular pearl pendant, I commissioned from Poeta.

It’s chosen for me.
It’s made to honour me.
I had to receive it from me.

No-one else.
It was no special occasion.
No reason to celebrate.
No external circumstances.

Only a choice to honour me more.
And every time I wear it, I’m reminded of this choice.

So what can you choose today that will honour you?
That will put you on the list of those who receive?

You don’t need 1000s of spare dollars to do this. My first investment with my 10 percent account was a strand of pearls I picked up at a second hand store for $50.

Putting away $10 a week, means that at the end of the month, you could buy yourself a precious tea-set or an ounce of silver.

Start honouring you with where you’re at.
It will only grow from there.