You can faff around and create the perfect shot by analysing the angle, the lighting, the subject matter and all the things.
Or you can point the camera at the item and press capture. You can do this a lot more than you can do the former.
So which is better?
The highly edited, perfect shot? You will take far less images, but you will be aiming at perfection.
Or the high volume of carelessly taken images? The ones taken with a light heart and free attitude.
My line of thought is that both is good, but there is a specific order required. You can only do so much planning before you need to go completely off the rails for your idea to shine through.
Depending on your brain, start with the easy one:
  • If you have an analytical brain, plan, gather your props, analyse your location.
  • If you’re more carefree, just start shooting a bunch.
Now, challenge yourself to do the harder one.
If you analysed first, forget everything and just point and shoot. Go wild, have fun and see if anything fresh pops into perspective. If you just started shooting, sit and review the footage and look for what can be made greater.
Practice this right now. (You know you need more content).
Take anything as your subject matter, make a fresh cup of tea for example. And either analyse and then point and press, or point and press and then analyse.
See what shows up.