My Pinterest feed is exactly the wrong kind of content you want to bring up at a party.

Lately I’ve been sharing with my inner circle some of the finds my incredibly personalised algorithm has brought me on Pinterest.

Other people love true crime.

I love awful facts about history and science that explain why the world is the many shades of “what the fuck?” it is today.

One of my latest treasures includes this meme about why even though productivity has shot through the roof to the point we could all work 1 year, and then have an entire year off paid without losing our position…. The 8 hour work day is convenient for keeping you as a buying customer.

Dark I know, but think about it.

If you’re too tired outside your job, you shop for convenience.

If you put all your creative energy into your work life, there’s no time to make something from scratch.

If your day is filled with something that doesn’t truly light you up, there’s always this vague discontent. Capitalism’s answer? Retail therapy!

Now, most of you probably know some level of this, being the adventurer, rebel, or creative you are.

But are you taking action? Aren’t we done opting into a system that is only designed to profit from us?

I know I am, which is why I’m doing my best to detox myself and my clients from all the indoctrination we’re surrounded with.

Starting with money.

Now I know money isn’t the most important thing, however this one senario concerns me. I’ve even been through it myself in the last year.

As a creative, the minute your stress levels shoot through the roof, your ability to earn disappears like you never had anything to begin with.

Today’s world is volatile, but I don’t believe our own personal world’s have to be.

If you’re ready to fortify your financial world so you don’t get terrified next time the headlines are screaming “RECESSION IS IMMINENT” or want to say “Fuck you” to corporations who don’t give a crap about you anyway.

There’s still 24 hours left to join me in an adventure off the beaten path in the Wealth Legacy Membership.

I want to do this together, do you?