It’s coming up to a year since Rebellious Rituals poured out of me and into multiple mediums. It’s been amazing to see how far it’s traveled and how much it’s contributed to people.

But it wouldn’t have been possible if I hadn’t halted my life completely and got really quiet.

You see, my body is really good to me. No matter what I throw at it, it generally takes it well and facilitates me doing whatever I want to do.

You want to travel for 6+ years straight and have no tiredness? Sure!

You want to stress all day and party all night? Sure!

You want to almost never exercise, only eat rich restaurant food and maintain the same shape and size? Sure!

You want to be on your devices all day and have perfect eyesight? Sure!

Well that all came crashing down when I got home from Mumbai on March 5th 2020 and didn’t get on another flight for over a year.

My body was exhausted from keeping up with all my requests and demands.

Now to be clear, I do love my self-care. I would arrange for solo time, spa appointments, always ask my body what it wanted to eat, to wear, who to enjoy touch with.

But I was always the one in control. And what I wanted trumped.

When my world became so quiet, at first I just slept, for days I would have early nights and sleep in. I knew my body was taking this quiet time to recuperate from everything I had created since the moment I stepped away from New Zealand at 18.

Then I started to get these deep cravings, cravings for food I had enjoyed overseas, for cocktails, for the new experiences and opulence I was continuously surrounded by on my travels.

But I couldn’t access them.

It was a sense of grief for the loss of the life I use to have, and I still have those pangs to this day.

But I didn’t stay in it. I knew I needed to be every single thing I crave.

Underneath a craving for a $250 meal in Tokyo was this energy for an elegant experience specially for me. Underneath this craving for a trip somewhere was this energy of letting go of my past and reaching for a future. Underneath a craving for a partner I had, was this desire for touch.

All of these energies, I could create for myself.

So I got to work, and chose that for every and any energy I missed or craved, I would create it for myself and become truly self-sufficient.

I thought this might cut me off from the world, and make my reality the energy of shouting “I don’t need anyone!” But what ocurred was unpredictable.

I was able to engage more.

Contribute more.

Be more present with the people in my world.

I am ballsy enough to say that every relationship I have deepened.

So when you become self-sufficient in satisfying your own cravings, you get to be more for the people you care about?


This is the secret no-one talks about. When you be the energy of what you crave, you don’t need to rely on someone else. But you can receive it even more when the people in your life contribute to you.

And I think that is something worth exploring.

The behind the scenes secret of Rebellious Rituals, is that all of these rituals are an exploration of the tools I have used to create everything I crave and desire to create myself.

I’m still exploring even today.

Rebels have used these rituals to focus on themselves, change the way they use the Access Consciousness® tools, create more, get out of a funk quickly, relax, make their day joyful, approach pain differently and most importantly, realise they don’t owe people anything.

Is it time for you to be what you crave?

As a celebration of the anniversary of Rebellious Rituals launching, I’m doing a live Rebellious Ritual on my Facebook Page at 6pm eastern. RSVP here: