This quote makes me laugh “Monday doesn’t suck, your life does.”

Now it’s a little strong and harsh but sometimes we do need some strong talk.

I used to have a really bad case of ‪#‎mondayitus‬ pretty much every week no matter which job or study I was doing. “WHY.. do I have to drag myself out of bed to have not much fun at all?”

Can you relate?

Maybe that’s what is happening for you right now.

But here’s the thing, is there anything that actually differentiates Monday from any other day?

Does it look any different to any other day of the week?
Is there special Monday weather?
Do the clouds paint the sky with the word “Monday”?
Is the weather scheduled to rain at promptly 8am worldwide?
Do all the birds stop singing in a moment of silence for the sad occasion that is “Monday”?

They don’t!

Monday is all a point of view, and guess what? Your point of view creates your reality.

So what would you like to choose?

Change your Monday or change your life?

Listen to this if you chose the latter…

P.S This clip is from the Joy of Business Taster Lauren Marie and I did today! It’s part of the 5 Days of Joy of Business Challenge.