This is an old blogpost from my wiped site – seems relevant right now!

A lot of my spiritual/energy friends have started gearing up for the Mercury Retrograde and this time last year I would have joined them in the freak out festival.

However this year I have more awareness and when people started mentioning the Mercury Retrograde I started getting really angry, upset, frustrated and that is a sign for me that there’s a lie hanging about.

First let me explain my anger issues :P.

We are all Infinite Beings embodied right? So actually we are very powerful – potent matches the energy better and we Know. We are part of consciousness – the collective energy that is One with everything.

This means we know when there is a lie attached to something and my bullshit radar was screaming about this Mercury Retrograde fear mongering. So I started asking questions – Does this feel light to me (what gives you a sensation of lightness and expansiveness is true for You – what is heavy, contracted or yucky is a lie for You)

The Mercury Retrograde was about as heavy as a rhinoceros. I went “Ugh! No wonder this was making me so potent and angry!” and asked some more questions – I did my research and every: This creates disasters, it effects EVERYONE blah blah blah was all heavy.

So I started looking for the Truth and this is what I became aware of..(For me, make sure to check in and see what is light for you – throw EVERYTHING else away.

Mercury Retrograde:

  • Does NOT effect Infinite beings Embodied
  • It does NOT effect bodies
  • It CHANGES the energy of Earth
  • It CHANGES the energy of inanimate objects (hence the internet myth)
  • It IS a catalyst for Awareness, Consciousness and Change

In my research I came across ONE alternative viewpoint (other than this one here) that rang light and true for me. Marguerite Manning said:

“Mercury retrograde is the astrological influence that “cosmically” revisits, retrieves, and reveals everything that managed to elude our conscious awareness in the preceding 88 days, because its one universal purpose is to provide us with an opportunity to discover anything that actually did.”

Yay! Consciousness – my favorite subject. It was like a duh! Moment. There is a universal party held two times a year just for us Cute (and sometimes not too bright) beings to sort our shit and remember who we are. How does it get any better than that?

So if you’re scared about the Mercury Retrograde or if shit starts happening get Conscious with questions.


What am I unwilling to be aware of here?

What to I know?

Truth, what is this? What can I do with it? Can I change it? And If so, how can I change it?

You can change anything – you just have to ask.

So I dare you to go out into the big wide world over the Mercury Retrograde and use your own awareness. Put down the astrology book and ask questions. You no longer have to buy into anything that doesn’t make you feel light, expansive and like the infinite being you are.

Choose for you.


Weird random anger issues means a lie is being told

Light = true / Heavy = lie

Mercury Retrograde – true for you or not? What’s light?

Ask questions to become more aware during this consciousness party

Keep asking them anyway

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