Hey World Changer, Reality Shaker, Brilliant Being and Sweet Sweet Body…

Yes I am talking to you. If you clicked this link you are in the right place.

I just wanted to say – you’re doing great, just choosing 10 seconds of you, of stripping down to your infiniteness, dreaming of a different possibility – it all creates something.

Marianne Williamson was right when she asked us “Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?”

To paraphrase – Actually, who hell are you not to be?? The you I know doesn’t shy away from what you really know is possible. In fact you dig your damn heels in and do it anyway. Right on!

To all your haters, naysayers and unkind surroundings from me: Thanks for spewing your point of view so willy nilly that it makes these F***ing phenomenal dreamers’ awarenesses, dreams and choices stand out like a beacon, that just by looking at it drops away the weight.

You don’t need that crap anymore, none of us do and how did we get so lucky we don’t have to buy it, sell it or do anything about it anymore. The crap of this reality’s now just there, sitting pretty like manure – it will be wonderful for the flowers – among 50 shades of grey it only makes you shine brighter.

The thing is even on your darkest crappiest most devastating day – you won’t even notice how differently you handle it, you don’t see magic when you’re being it, you just think you’re normal which makes it even more of a delight.

Magic is normal to you, more normal than gravity – coz you know eventually you’ll find a way to soar right?

So I just wanted to say…

Your choices change the world even if you don’t notice them

You being you is the freaking tsunami of change this world requires

And never stop, never give in and always keep going.

You’ve got this – just sayin…


The biggest squeeze in the world from your biggest fan.

Is now the time to be the change? #Let’sDoThis






P.S Are you coming? Shaking Up Your Reality as a World Changer Tele-series starts next week!