To celebrate the launch of my book, Rebellious Rituals, I would love to share the following excerpt with you!

When I first started seeking for myself, I tried many different spiritual practices including meditation, energy work, affirmations, and too many more to count. It would also be good to note at this point I was an unhappy spiritual raw vegan.

Getting ready for my day consisted of carefully preparing the energy I desired to have; going downstairs to interact with those I lived with, getting upset and angry over minute issues that ruined this carefully curated energy, marching back upstairs to meditate, and then trying again without much success.

Do you feel tired just reading that? I did.

The perfectionism in me had no room for anyone in my life to make an error. I was not ok.

The only thing I really got from that spiritual practice was a better ass from marching up those stairs so often!

Maybe you can relate?

It’s not wrong if the tools you have don’t help you. It’s not you. It’s just not the right tools. For me, consistency has always been out of reach. It’s something I have never had access to for longer than 3 days. It wasn’t until I was well into the use of the tools I use now; tools that fully brought out the best of me, that I realized this.

You may have heard this before, and I’ll say it again just in case this is the time where it hits: Everything, literally everything you think is a weakness about you, is one of your greatest strengths.

PSA: This list was not written in a day! This list has been curated over many years and will never, ever be finished.

How do you get started acknowledging these things?

Start a weird list.

Start acknowledging all the things that are weird about you, the ones you know are good and the ones you currently judge yourself about. Eventually, these will flow into acknowledgments that allow your greatest strengths to flourish.

It’s a process.

It’s not done in one day. But it starts in about 10 minutes.

So write that down now. This book will wait.

A rebel, a sketchbook, and a self-care guide walk into a bar … They get hammered and now you’re seeing the end result. Rebellious Rituals isn’t a plan – it’s an exploration. This book is for rebels who want to take off on an adventure. You can purchase your copy of the book here.