I don’t often get frustrated at language or words just by reading them however something they just pop out and scream at you with the lie they’re selling. Words are directly attached to the energy of which they mean, however since 1936 the word meaning s have been changed to match a more colloquial way of speaking that less and less matches the energy.

If everything is made up of energy, and the universe if responding to your requests by the energy of what you are asking, how can you ever clearly ask for what you actually desire?

It becomes a sludgy unclear jumbled mess pretty quickly.

And as I got more and more frustrated today with reading words and looking at the energy of words I realized how much I was aware of the lies I was seeing. Whenever I have become intensely angry, I’ve been asking myself this question: “Am I truly angry, or is there a lie here I am aware of?”

As an infinite being you have access to more awareness than you may ever acknowledge, including a built in lie detector – anger.

So here’s today’s exploration in the truth behind words..

Passive Residual Income

An artistic friend of mine actually asked me a question about building this form of income on a radio show today and as I looked at the energy of these words – the level of boredom and false fantasy really hit me. As a creative and an artist who has a capacity to see and create what hasn’t existed before with a speed most people don’t have available these two descriptive words were far below his scope of fun and ease: passive and residual.

Passive means without active response

Residual actually means remaining after the greater part or quantity has gone

So creating a Passive Residual Income would be having what is remaining after the greater part is gone without an active response…. Interesting target to have with money.

How much wealth can you truly have and create if this is the target you’re searching for? And yet we consider it a money fantasy…

I wondered why my intensity and anger was so apparent at these simple words!


An advertisement came on TV on the plane today full of wonderful images of peace and calm and then advertised a book on mindfulness. And after today’s intense spat about the first example this next one appeared even faster. For people that are having trouble to deal with the intensity of which, their mind functions, asking someone to create Mind-Full-Ness seemed like a ridiculous idea.

Had this thought not occurred in someone else’s mind?

“ness” denotes a state or condition, and you’re asking people to be ‘full’ of their ‘mind’. Anyone else ready to burn their books and most of the self help industry? This book showing and advertising the fantasy of peace is energetically creating more going on in that persons mind.


This is a fun one, especially for anyone that has tried to use the Law of Attraction or The Secret. The word Manifest pre-1936 in a dictionary means “How something shows up.” It doesn’t say that it will show up, it’s only used to described how something shows up.

So if we go back to Ask and You Shall Receive, your ongoing conversation with the Universe and the energies all around you let’s do a quick example:

You: “Hey universe, I’d like to manifest this.”

Universe hears: “Hey you, I’d like to how this shows up this.”

Uhhhhh, good England going on a little here?

Used properly, manifest best fits into a conversation as a descriptive word: “There are infinite ways this could manifest.”

Handy hint: In order to request from the universe to ask something to show up, try the word Actualize.


Here’s another fun one, Pre-1936 the word “want” has 27 different meanings and definitions all meaning in one derivative or another “To lack” and one definition of “To desire”.

In most casual conversations we would say “I want something.” Which the universe hears “I lack something.” And if how we speak is one of the ways we create our life by request and interaction with the universe, you are right!

You said you want something, and now you lack it. Oops. If you look in old novels the ways “want” is used is more likely to me something like “She could want for nothing.” Which would translate to “She would lack for nothing.” And so she did!

How could you use this to your advantage? Gary Douglas actually recommends in “Money Isn’t The Problem, You Are!” to say 10 x morning and evening “I don’t want more money.” As that really means “I don’t lack more money.”


Try is one of my favorite cop outs and it’s really good for telling what people will and won’t do.

Right now, try to stand up.

Did you do it? Or did you actually just think about it and how you could stand up and nothing happened?

Now choose stand up. Did it happen? Or did you make another choice and choose not to do what I said? ;) Try actually has no energy towards creating or making something happen. Choosing, doing, creating, making and being all create something. Try is only the pretense that something will happen.


This is a taste of my exploration in word play and the energies behind words. The more precise you can use your language, the easier it is to communicate and create together with the universe.

You can also start to look at the energetic meanings of words yourself either by finding a Pre-1936 dictionary in a second hand store or by asking questions and noticing when words make you angry.

I’d also love to know if you have explored this yourself and came across some new words I can add to this list or have any questions. Reply in the comments below.