Rebellious Rituals is perhaps what most of you know me best for. You feel seen in my rebellious spirit and are welcomed to do things to the beat of your own drum.

I dream of a world where people are self sufficient, not in an extreme independence trauma induced way, but because they know themselves so deeply, and provide for their needs.

To me this is the definition of self care. But as I explore more of this work for myself, my offers in this area are just not hitting the mark for me anymore.

(And yes, I know I’m a picky bitch who wants everything delivered in stunning perfection)

For example, here’s some of what I’m musing on right now:

If you’re in a low day, and basic needs like eating food, moving and showering are where you need support and I’m offering “fuck it” vibes, that’s not really helpful.

I also am aware of the space of privilege I come from, and want to make sure that what I’m putting down doesn’t become just another task on a busy mums plate, or offers expensive fixes like fancy candles outside of a struggling entrepreneurs budget.

The more I know, the more I care.

And the more I am offered a precious glimpse into what your life is like, the more time I spend immersing myself in what might self-care be like for you in your true expression.

So Rebellious Rituals is taking a back seat over this summer period. And I look forward to returning with something even greater than before.

To be clear, I still think the main message is valid: Be what you crave.

And I’m looking at a more comprehensive approach for the “how” of it all.

If you have any specific self-care struggles you want me to know about, please do reach out. My inbox is always open and I always, always, always want to know what it it’s like to be you.