I have a ritual that helps you acknowledge that you are specifically chosen to be here on the plant (Joint venture compliments of the Universe and You Circa birthday #0)

So I should be brazenly embodying the idea that I am a walking miracle and the universe has my back right?

Well… not every day.

The day-to-day bullshit and other people’s opinions get to me sometimes too.

But recently in a conversation with an old friend I haven’t talked to in a while, she sent me this:
And holy fuck. I had forgotten me.

I’de forgotten that there is basically zero chance of me being alive.
I am alive by divine choice.
By fucking magic.

And I forgot that vital piece of information.

But thank fuck for friends who value and acknowledge you, your choices and what you be in the world.

So if no-one has told you recently:
You my darling, are something the world would not have without you being alive.
You contribute so much more than you know.
The entire Universe cares about you deeply.
We have your back.
You can do this.

If you don’t have a friend who can acknowledge this like mine did, you need to be it for yourself. (In fact, even if you do have friends like this, you still have to be it for yourself.)

This is the magic of Rebellious Rituals. It’s an exploration in being the magic you are, acknowledging the shit out of it, and then going out in the world and living it!

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