If you are a control freak, you have a capacity to create like crazy. You can also kill your ideas, just as fast.

If you’re a control freak, this isn’t a bad thing, you actually have a great ability here. You know you can wrangle multiple things at once and make your tight ship of a life work. This is a miracle at work! Enjoy it! But… if you’re letting yourself get in the way of forward progress, this article is for you. Don’t be too scared.

1. Enjoy the messy moments.

When we make perfection our target we are modulating, filtering and editing whilst we are creating. The work no longer becomes organic and it either takes much longer to create or we stop creating it.

The only thing that needs to stop is the part where we predetermine what it has to be like before it even comes out of our mouths or through our hands. Get out from the place of “everything has to be perfect from the beginning”.  Let’s just get in, fuck up, and be messy. The editing can come after.

2. Relax into the process.

It’s interesting to notice that the more I commit to creating my ideas and bringing them to fruition, the more I have to relax and receive. I hear you say: “What do you mean relax????” and I get it.

It’s an incredibly weird way to create. And spoiler alert: “It feels weird!” Especially if you’re a workaholic like me, you feel like you’re never doing enough. But honestly aren’t you done working hard? I for sure am!

When things get faster or more overwhelming we tense up because we think that if we contract we have more control. What if instead you just needed to relax into the process and keep going?

3. Don’t kill it!

Ideas want to be in the world, we are the ones getting in the way.

There is nothing that is going to squash your idea out of existence more than judgment. From the perspective of the idea, do they want to enter your judgmental universe or are they looking for a playmate?

Do the ideas want to work with someone who clings to them all day or do they want to be seduced into creation? The more space you can be with all of these ideas then the more space they have in your universe. Let them breathe, you will breathe easier too.

4. Learn how you work.

Control is actually a capacity that can be used to move us towards something greater. However, we usually use control as a tool to judge ourselves rather than to guide us.

This is more about working with yourself rather than against yourself. Be willing to explore how you work, and your relationship with you. Once you truly have your back the universe comes to the party and then you’re in business. If you don’t have your own back, no idea will.

If you find that you spend too much time in your head, then take some sort of action. Just get something (anything!) out there and enjoy the process of working together with the ideas and the universe.

5. Control to create.

Getting rid of your control capacity is futile (you’ve probably already tried) so instead, why not work with yourself? You can either control to create a result, or… you can control to create a greater possibility that even you might know not know.

Remember, it never shows up the way you think it’s going to. So stop trying so hard! It’s a fine line between going for a result and possibility so the clue is in the energy. Is it light? Expansive? Undefined? Then it’s going for a greater possibility. If you a see a vision, it feels complete and definite – that’s a result. Weirdly, avoiding results actually helps you create more! But you’re going to have to try it out yourself.

Creating as a control freak doesn’t have to be hard if you unleash yourself every once in a while. You will find more ideas want to come to you and your creativity just flies off the handle.

And we like more unstoppable creatives in the world! Let yourself use and enjoy all of your abilities, they are there to be enjoyed, not diminished. So let your weirdness out, we need more weird.

Don’t freak out, and get creating anyway.

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