I’ve been speaking a lot about how to get shit done and not avoiding anything in my Kickass Creative Membership recently and it’s different. It’s not pushing, forcing or harsh, we’re applying an energy that is more forgiving but demanding AF.

I didn’t realise the difference until I was in another Facebook group and a 7 month pregnant creative asked for advice on how to get shit done. Most of the other leaders giving her tips were suggesting harsh routines, structures and strategy.

You can’t have a solid routine when you’re having a baby!

It made me realise, not all advice works for you. Half the time, you’re not the fuck up, you’re just using the wrong tools.

So, here is my 5 step process for getting shit done. Try it out and if it doesn’t work, go do something else that works for you!

1.  Grab a notebook and write out your “Create List”
Start writing down everything you have to do and everything that is holding your time, attention, and energy.  Everything that is not allowing you to move forward (especially those things you are avoiding), add it to the list!

I know this can be hard, but anything you avoid will lock you up. And when we lock that energy in, we no longer can access it to move freely or to do things fast (and we absolutely love to move fast right?).

I highly recommend doing this list on paper, it can be cathartic to tick things off.

2.  Relax
Yes, you read correctly – RELAX. Stretch, move, breathe, take a sip of coffee. Do something right now to release the tension.

3.  Carve out the time
Look and see where you can carve out some blocks in your calendar to do these things. Is there a time period where you know that your brain just turns off and you can do the more menial tasks?

If your Create List is as ambitious as mine then you may require a whole day for these tasks. I’ve turned Mondays into my life and maintenance days. I’m not trying to handle all the wonderful, brilliant, fun, juicy, shiny things on the Monday.  On Monday’s there is a shit ton of things to do. So instead, I’m using my awareness of all these things to do, to get it done.

Think you don’t have the time? You do, you just haven’t allocated it yet! Think of the pay off, if you prioritised completing all the things that are holding so much energy (by avoiding them), how much more freedom of movement would you have?

4.  Ask for help
Yes, you can do it all … but you can do it all a lot faster and with a lot more ease if you have some support. Ask for help with those tasks that you cannot complete alone. Or find a Creative Buddy who is willing to hold your hand and push you along.

5.  Take any action
Start to do the things! Checking them off your list will create momentum. As you go, it may even become a Conquer List.

Let’s handle all the shit that we have been avoiding. So that we can come in fresh, and fast, and freaky, and ready to create even more.

So if you’re trying to get shit done today and struggling, ask for some new tools to show up. Maybe you take my advice above, get through the things you have been avoiding, and take action.

For every action you avoid, you hoard and limit your ability to do more. So let’s Marie Kondo ourselves and check off all those things on our lists to give ourselves the freedom and space to create more.

Time to get shit done ;)

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