The problem all creatives face – which idea do I choose? And how the hell do I let my other idea babies fall to the wayside?

This conundrum comes from the idea that we live in a binary universe (which we don’t) and only have two choices available, or if we’re really out there – three max. But what if you didn’t live in an either/or universe?

I don’t subscribe to the idea that you can only choose one thing at a time. Most of us are chronic multi-taskers, it’s crazy that we think we can only have one thing at a time. Do you believe you can only choose one?

This doesn’t mean you try to start everything simultaneously, that’s perfect recipe for disaster. Instead ask yourself (or the ideas itself) Which one can I do first? This immediately creates more breathing room in your world where it’s not that you have to not do any of your other ideas, you just haven’t got to them yet.

There’s a great sense of timing you can develop with the universe, you are not the one in control here but you do get to make the choices. Leave the rhythm of how things show up to the universe. Relax, that’s not your job – your job is to choose.

Whenever you get ideas, ask them questions:

  1. Are you for now or later?
  2. If later, tell me when it’s time
  3. If now, what’s the next step?

No you’re not crazy for talking directly to formless energies, we talk to our cats! How is this any crazier? An idea has it’s own perspective and vision of where it wants to head. When you open up to speaking directly to the energy ideas are, they will talk back. Whenever they come to you, they’re looking for a playmate to come to fruition, to be given a life – that’s where you come in.

But what if you have way too many ideas?

The same process applies. Are you an unlimited creative who is always going to have more ideas? My sense is that you couldn’t stop coming up with ideas no matter what. So relax – there’s always going to be another idea.

  • Be grateful they came to you
  • Write them down (preferably in your Ideas Book)
  • Then ask yourself honestly: “Do I desire to bring this idea to the world or would just like to enjoy it and let it find a new playmate?”

You don’t have to bring every idea that comes to you into the world. There will always be more ideas. Instead have fun with choosing as many or as little as you desire. Relax into it. And go get creating!

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