How are you truly living?
If we have had a one-on-one conversation, you have probably now had the pleasure (or boredom) of me raving about a book I read recently called “Do Nothing”. It’s true, I can’t stop talking about it, it struck me deeply and has changed my perspective permanently.

I can’t unsee the detriment to the creative world I love that the industrial revolution has caused even though I benefit from its creations daily.

The pervasive behaviours that are accepted in every day society that slowly decrease your energy levels, ability to create, and enjoyment of life, can’t be unseen.

I can’t unsee the unsettling inability to thrive that we have conditioned ourselves with.

These three elements above came undone for me in the reading of this book and the undoing of where I had previously placed my value, my drive and most importantly my time.

If you ask yourself right now: Where does your time go?
Does it go to securing your basic needs?
Or if you’re more privileged, does it go towards the people you love?
And if you’re especially well off, does it go towards the activities you enjoy? Rest? Play?

Most likely not,
even if you could.
Why is that?

Because we, society, and history have conditioned ourselves into prioritising being busy, over thriving.

And most of us, even though the research has already been explored have not even thought that there was more to us, to our ability to thrive than having a successful job/career/business, and maybe a bit of life quality (friends/family/kids) on the side.

But this really isn’t enough.
It’s the 21st century, we have the internet, the ability to choose,
and most wildly, the ability to have time-freedom.

So why are we overworking? Overdoing? Overstressing?
And not creating, playing, connecting and resting?

For more in-depth insight into that question, you’ll have to read the book. I really can’t do justice to it.
But here are some things that can start to put you on the path of thriving:
Once your basic needs are met (shelter, food, clothing), what allows us to thrive is simple:
  • Social Connection
  • Idleness
  • Rest
  • Play
So I invite you to ponder,
What kinds of people would you like to have in your life?
Are you actively making those connections?

What space are you creating in your life where you give yourself permission to do literally nothing?
Is there a way you can make this possible?

Is rest a part of your vocabulary?
And if not, how are you going to make a priority?
(I’d also like to point out that stress is costing businesses 1 billion dollars a year in America alone)

What kind of play suits you?
If you don’t have anything come to mind, remember this is not about producing anything. You might like to remember some of the things you did as a kid.

Just a warning: You might find yourself deeply questioning the entire way you have set up your life. Losing your work drive and most thrillingly… sitting back relaxed on meetings creating your best contribution ever so far.

So proceed at your own risk,
Towards total unabated joy.