You know you are unreasonably stubborn, you can’t be told what to do, you want to be the source for your ideas and the idea of asking for help creates a mild to medium anxiety level in seconds.

But yet at the same time, you know you require contribution, you want to bounce your ideas off someone, not go through your work-day feeling alone and also just plain old get better at not being isolatingly independent.

So what can we do? How do we maintain our rebellious independence, while also receiving the contribution we need?
1. Let your barriers down.
You first have to make it ok for yourself to receive. There is no weakness or deficiency that comes with being open. In fact, it’s actually a greater strength to be open. Try it energetically right now, just take a breath, and release your walls.
2. Advice is not the same as action.
Most of the time, we don’t want to ask for help or advice because we think that we have to do what the other person says. We’re adults now, and we can choose to listen to advice and then make our own choices accordingly. It’s time to seperate these two actions: Listening and Questioning is one skill, and Taking Action as another.
3. Play to your strengths.
If you know that you need things to be your own ideas, be clear about that. Embrace it! Be willing to be open with the people you have discussions with, and ask them to help you pull the idea out of you instead of telling you what to do.

You can ask questions like:
  • What are you aware of here?
  • What’s something you need to talk out?
  • Are you after solutions or brainstorming?
  • Is there something you want to get clearer on?
4. Get Uncomfortable and Walk the Talk.
Receiving is something that is a natural state of being that we have “untaught” ourselves. It’s going to be uncomfortable while we remember what it’s like to receive. I challenge you to ask for help, or receive contribution in some way every day.

We can all relate to the memes going around with things like: “You can never be told what to do while also definitely needing to be told what to do.”

The mood is here, we definitely feel it. However it doesn’t have to dominate your world as a toxic trait. Use this rebellious strength to propel you into the land of inspired action, instead of reeling against someone else’s idea. You, your ideas, and others can all exist in the world harmoniously, I know it ;)

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