You ever just get… irritated for no reason at work? It’s a good thing!

Hear me out… When you get cranky, something is “off”. This is your warning sign that something needs to change. And most likely at work? It’s because your priorities have changed and maybe that side-project idea you have is ready to have your full attention.

This is a terrifying possibility I know!

But it doesn’t have to be.

I get it, having big visions of where you want to be and all the ideas you want to bring to life, and then being confronted with the bajillion hours you don’t get to use fulfilling those dreams is painful.

I’ve bounced up and down like a yoyo between working for others and working for myself.  It’s an art, and there’s no perfect formula. Having a job gives more breathing room for your creativity to shine, and then making revenue from what you love makes it a sustainable gig.

My guess is right now, you’re not sure you’re ready to make the leap. And you might not be. But wouldn’t you like to be 100% confident on when to make that jump to working for yourself (and exactly what to do next?)

Let’s start today: 

  1.  Start to notice where your energy goes.

Some things will create more energy, some will drain it. It’s not all a bad thing, for example working on your business in the beginning or learning a new skill will also drain your energy as much as a boring meeting or an unrewarding job. For now, just notice what builds and drains your energy.

  1. What matters to you?

What actually matters to you in your life? Is it the ability to choose what you want to do each day? Spending time with your loved ones? Doing something that creates a difference? This will be uniquely different in everyone so you can’t look for outside examples here. Start asking yourself: What’s my priority right now?

  1. Create quality moments, not quantity.

Quitting your job is most often a reaction instead of a conscious leap into the unknown. Now I’m all for big leaps when the time is right. However, what might contribute more is smaller moments of quality joy that add up. Take space to look at your view, to sip your coffee, to create small but joyous moments rather than an empty freedom. Soon this wealth of joy will be built sustainably so that when it’s time to make the leap, you have the energy and inner guidance for it.

  1. Know what it would take.

Do you know how much money your job brings you each year and how much your month expenses are? Create smaller milestones with your business so that you can work towards replacing your income instead of putting immense pressure on your creativity right in the beginning stages. Make micro targets like to pay your grocery bill with your business. And work towards a part-time job instead of quitting cold-turkey.

All these small micro-elements work towards a target of becoming unhirable; having the inability to work for someone else because you are so fiercely independent.  Being unhirable is a scary target, but it’s one that is deeply fulfilling and definitely a long game.

I am officially unhirable. I’ve become so independent and voraciously confident that it would be painful to hire me, and painful to work for someone else. And it’s never made me more confident in my abilities to create for myself.

You deserve to put your energy and attention into your own creations.

It’s time, you’ve got this! Just don’t be afraid to go slow.

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