I truly value the incredible wealth of people I have in my life. I not only know that I can ask them any question, shoot the breeze, or propose a difficult conundrum and have a well thought through conversation, but that I can refuse their advice or ask to change tracks without offence being taken.

In a recent conversation with a coach I work with, and personal friend we started down a particular track for my business – that made sense on the page, but as we got down into the details of it, I could see the walls creeping in and the distance between what I stand for and the direction we were going was extending further and further. 

Most of us have been taught to bow down to the expert. They have the training, the expertise, they know more. 

However I know that all the experts in the world will not know your business or potential more than you. I’ve experienced this before, and I know I’ll experience it again. 

This, in Rebel speak is the time to fight for what you know.

But the wonderful thing is? Once you say the first scary “No.” And stand up for what you belief, the conversation changes instantly, and you no longer have to fight.

You just change direction. 

These “No’s” are terrifying if you have not had an environment where disagreement was welcome, where assertiveness wasn’t welcome, or even if you simply came from “Guess Culture” instead of “Ask Culture”. But once that two-letter word is out of the way, you can get into a deeper conversation:

What do you want instead?

What do you stand for?

What would walking your talk be?

After reviewing these questions, we chose together an entirely different track. There were no hard feelings, there might have been a bit of tenderness even, and more importantly, I was reaffirming the regard I hold not only for myself and the body of work I’ve created, but the ideas that have come to me and will come in the future because they know, even in the face of a good strategy, I will choose what works for us. 

I will make some waves and not be afraid to do it. 

I know advice from only one person is not enough. And I’ll explore the whole perspective and be willing to make the final choice myself. 

So today, as you get advice – solicited or unsolicited, be prepared to listen, be prepared to ask questions, but most importantly, be prepared to walk your talk. 

You’ll hold your head up higher than you ever have before.