Most of the time we think that we need to be tense and focused to do things, but instead the more relaxed we are the easier it is for us to create. That is thanks to my wonderful friend …. Receiving.

Receiving is the natural capacity to be open and receptive to whatever comes your way, and to look at all of it and to select and choose what you would like to have. Whatever you are willing to receive can actually contribute more to your life.

So, you have a choice here. Do you want to be the prolific handworker that gets everything through the merits of their efforts? Or do you want to be the weirdo that has all of life coming to them with ease and joy and glory?

I will leave that up to you. And if you are looking for a greater level of ease, definitely don’t do the following process ;)

Here’s a Creative Process for you:

Let’s dive straight into the deep end of receiving … because without receiving you are not going to be able to create what you know is possible.

First, let’s take a deep breath.


You cannot truly receive without relaxing.

Maybe you need to ease out the kinks and have a bit of movement in your body.


Take a couple of breaths here, at your own time and pace.

Drop the barriers (you do not need them here).

It’s time to receive.

Where is your limit for receiving? Where is too much?

Find that place. Drop into it.

Get uncomfortable.

And here is the twist … what if that uncomfortable energy with receiving was actually unrecognizable pleasure that you haven’t yet had?

Notice how that makes you relax?

Remember, relaxing and receiving go hand in hand.

Now, ask for more energy to come into your world.

The energy of having a billion possibilities come into your world at all moments, of having a future that stretches hundreds of years. The energy of being able to create, or choose, or be ANYTHING that would create the life you desire. What about just inviting the energy of your life to grow?

So what is your next cap of receiving?

Drop in.

Sit in there, barriers down, relaxing and receiving.

What is the worst thing that could happen here?

Oh f*ck, maybe it’s being you?

Let’s jump even deeper.

What else can you receive that you didn’t think you could ever possibly receive?

And drop into that, barriers down.

You can sit here in this moment, you can try to enjoy it, you can squirm in being uncomfortable, or you can expand out even further.

The secret is … receiving does not have to be passive. Continue to ask yourself “What can I receive in this 10 seconds?” and “At what level of receiving am I currently functioning as?”

With this process, you do not have to look externally, there is so much inner strength. You are here without definition and you can be, do, have and generate more with every single energy you receive.

Keep going deeper. Are you ready for more?

Don’t stop ;)

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