I’ve seen a few memes circling around that implies the idea that if we do less, claim smaller, be more timid, the year will turn out better and the shit show will go away.

Well, this belief needs a dose of Rebellious Living.

The more you don’t claim your life, make your own choices, and live exuberantly, the more intensely external circumstances will affect you. You’re at their affect instead of being the effect.

The more you march into your life, and dominate your own reality (not others, yours) the less any curve balls make an impact. They simply serve their purpose as the plot twists in your hero’s journey.

So what’s it to be?

Creep into the new year timid, afraid to make plans, with only a glimmer of hope that this year will be better?

Or a bold move forwards with the demand that no matter what it looks like, or what it takes, you will create your life, for you.

If you’re in for the latter, read on…

Start asking yourself, what do I want my life to be like?
This is a deeper question than it appears to be. Stop looking externally at results, and instead look at the energy, the experience.

So instead of saying “I’d like to be making X amount, look at the experience with money and your lifestyle you would like to have.

  • What do you want your financial reality to be like?
  • What do you want your family, relationships and friendships to be like?
  • What do you want your work life to be like?
  • What do you want your online life to be like?
  • What do you want your body’s experience to be like?
  • What else do you desire that you haven’t yet acknowledged?
Keep asking, keep dreaming…
And then, make the demand of yourself and request of the universe that no matter what it takes, no matter what it looks like, I will have it, be it, and do it.

Now go take action, and march forwards energetically into the life you have created, you just have actualised it all yet.

(But you will.)