This is an excerpt from my book Rebellious Rituals.

‘Fuck off’ are not two bad words. But if you weren’t playing the antagonist role, would you have more freedom?’

I love when I get feisty, it’s inspiring to feel your own strength. Your blood goes hot, you don’t give a fuck what you say and your body comes alive.

But rebellion for the sake of resisting someone or something else doesn’t actually put you in a space of freedom and creating new possibilities. To me, when this energy arises, I need to get a little quiet and make sure I’m listening to what’s true for me. Not just blindly reacting to what is going on around me.

What is it that really desires to be let out right now?

Are you rebelling against someone or something else? Or… are you rebelling against an outdated belief of yourself that no longer serves you?

Let go!

Choosing for you doesn’t have to be an act of defiance. But it can if you want.

What do you really desire to choose?

Be inspired by your own feistiness. Not limited by its reaction. The greatest rebellion you can choose is to choose what works for you.

Use your strength. It’s more than you know…

Rebellious Streak Ritual

Rebellious Rituals use the Access Consciousness® clearing statement. If you’re not quite sure how this works go to

What energy, space, consciousness and choice can you and your body be to have total clarity and ease with all of this? Everything that doesn’t allow it, will you destroy and uncreate it? Right, wrong, good, bad, POD, POC, all 9, shorts, boys and beyonds.®

Everywhere you have been aligning and agreeing or resisting and reacting, will you destroy and uncreate it all? Right, wrong, good, bad, POD, POC, all 9, shorts, boys and beyonds.®

Be all of that energy that you are right now with no filter. Have your moment, indulge in it.

What is it that you are aware of that you haven’t acknowledged?

What if you didn’t have to explain yourself, ever?

Is there anything you need today?

What is it that you truly require and desire that you haven’t yet asked for?

Now, my rebellious friend, go out and choose it for you.

Rebellious Rituals isn’t a plan – it’s an exploration. This book is for rebels who want to take off on an adventure, not be given marching orders. Go here if you would like even more of a sneak peak.