I didn’t want to get out of bed today. Yesterday I finished facilitating the most glorious life-changing class; you just knew they were going to fly somewhere brilliant. I was excited for them and myself as well.

Today I woke up a completely different story. “Do I have to create today?” was the immediate reaction to waking. And no, I don’t, it is a choice but it certainly doesn’t feel like it.

I know creating is like breathing. “I am awake, therefore I am creating” is my go-to point of view. That makes days like today more difficult. It used to be excruciating, but now I know what to do with myself.

This is the creative lull moment; I acknowledge it and let myself be present. Just like waves in the ocean have lulls of peace and calm, so does our creative source. I know now not to push myself during this. Can I do stuff, yes sure! However if I use force during this time period, nothing really goes right.

Have you ever noticed that? That if you try and force something before it’s time, it never comes to fruition in the fullest effect. Depressing isn’t it? I used to force everything constantly (I also got exhausted). Now, I have my creations and my own back. So I don’t try to force things before it’s time anymore. I go with it.

This is the moment to relax, bask and enjoy receiving from what I have already created. Drink tea, read books, play on social media, make things with my hands – literally do anything. And ironically, as soon as I relax… The lull is over; it’s back to creation.

Where to you push when you should receive? Force when you could relax? Choosing to relax and receive is not about shirking anything you need to do. I still showered, fed the cat, jumped on a meeting and did what I needed to do. You don’t become a vegetable. You just chill out from your normal perky (probably slightly neurotic) self.

It’s ok if today is not the most brilliant day ever so far. You can still enjoy it for what it is.

Relax, and receive and then, get back to work.

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