“Rebecca, you’re not really a creative. You’re a business coach, doesn’t that mean you should have all your shit together?”

Well… what would that be saying to my clients, the creatives, the people who don’t have the ability to maintain a routine or wrangle all of their thoughts into a cohesive sentence?

Am I saying that in order for my clients to be successful, they have to somehow get rid of all those creative traits in the core of who they are?

Do they have to start becoming organised?
Do they have to start ascribing to routines?
Do they have to stop coming up with wild creative ideas in order to be successful?

Absolutely not.

So, therefore, being a creator isn’t necessarily about the results that you get, who work with, or the industry you’re in.

It’s actually about how you function and how you be.
“Creative” is a way of being that you simply can’t help.
In fact, you know for certain something is wrong when you are not coming up with ideas.

It’s your lifeblood, your birthright, and a capacity not everyone has.
So please for the love of all things creative, stop deciding you’re not a creative based on the following:

Your job.
Your inability to draw.
Your messy writing.
Your disregard for art supplies.
Your lack of being paid for what you make.
Your ideas that are only in your head.

You are a creative if:
  • You can’t stop coming up with ideas
  • Normal ways of doing things are strange, impossible, or boring to you.
  • You regularly make a mess.
  • You love change.
  • You feel drawn to the world of creativity in any way.
It’s time to claim it. The world doesn’t need more normal. There are enough services, solutions, and businesses for people happy with the way the world is.

There is not nearly enough out there for the weird ones.
So, create for them, and for you.
Together, that will make the world we only dreamed was possible a reality.