A few weeks ago I painted something I didn’t think I could. A more “serious art piece” I thought required someone with steady hands and perfect lines.

But what I forgot was the idea wanted me.
Why not my messy imperfect lines?
Why not my use of the weirdest possible brush?
Why not paint something that you originally saw as drawn.

Because why not you? Instead of “the better one”?

We forget that ideas have a choice.
They have a Consciousness of their own.
And that they know what’s best.

So in exploring the next life of the Kickass Creative, a membership I have had the pleasure of leading for over a year.

I now give you, it’s image.
To say this is a logo is diminutive
This is our mascot, our invite and our calling card.

To wear your hair decorated with wild ideas
To wrinkle your nose
To tilt your chin
And wonder…
Could I do that?

Because most likely, you can.
You just need to start.

So I proudly welcome you to be your messy, vibrant, wild, unpredictable always exploring self. And if that’s with us in the kickass creative discovering what it means to truly be you, creating stuff and making money – we welcome you with open arms. And if it’s to strike out on your own expedition, we understand and we can’t wait to see what treasures you find.

If you’re ready to explore together.
Let me know, the Kickass Creative is ready to welcome you home to the land of ideas.

The Kickass Creative is not a membership for the organized, disciplined or decisive. It’s a wild exploration of the land of ideas, your unbinding creativity and how to life your life every day as a creation. It’s open for new explorers to join for the next few days! See more here: https://rebeccahulse.com/funnel/kac/join