Happy Publishing CEO, Erica Glessing asked me to write a chapter in her group-authored book The Power of Releasing Judgment. The Joy of Changing Fixed Positions is what came out of it. Enjoy a little taste of the book and my chapter…

12829539_10154288695529796_7024388205131231988_oThe Power of Releasing Judgment

Rebecca’s Chapter: The Joy of Changing Fixed Positions

Judgment is an energy that can hound our whole lives, ruining it and leaving the possibilities of a future in a desiccated mess. However, it’s something that can also be completely irrelevant, a gift even… if we let it.

One of my favorite ways to explore a topic is to look into the energy of the word. Most words in the English language have misidentified definitions as the dictionaries have been changed some many times to suit politics and colloquial use, however most dictionaries pre-1946 have unaltered and more true acknowledgements of the words energetic meaning.

The word ‘release’ is defined as deliverance, liberation, from trouble, sorrow, life, duty, confinement or fixed position. What strikes me the most out of these energies is the one: liberation from a fixed position.

This is exactly what judgment is – taking on a fixed point of view and functioning from it. The limitation isn’t from the point of view; having a point of view can make your life interesting and entertaining. What matters is how fluid and changeable it is, the looser your grip on the point of view, the easier your life can be.

However if you’re functioning and living through your points of view, they solidify into a judgment and start to inhibit your ability to choose, change and see possibilities. I found this quote recently and it struck me profoundly on a few different levels with the simultaneous simplicity and depth:

“By being natural and sincere, one often can create revolutions without having sought them.”  ― Christian Dior

What I see in this is when you are willing to be you, without affectation, trying to be anything else, or acting for anything, just by your very being waltzing through life you create change.

Doesn’t this seem to melt away the desire for judgment of any kind?

Truly, I have seen time and time again in myself and countless others, the best moments of their enjoyment of life, creations, wondrous inexplicable moments and dreams all stem forth from the point where they chose to let go everything that isn’t them.

The secret I found out though, is that it’s not one big choice that will suddenly snowball into all these phenomenal events coming to fruition, it’s small, daily, persistent, never-ending choices.

It’s not one choice that will set you free but the willingness to choose and choose again until looking, choosing and changing becomes the way of functioning.

Our way of being is actually more fluid and changeable than we think, we often hear we need to “Develop our personality” or “Stick to your guns” but how much energy does it take? (Truly, how much fun is it truly to be the same all the time?)

However if you’re willing to be different in every 10 seconds, you can live every day as a new adventure and never have the same day twice in a row. That’s not because the day is different but because you are choosing different.

Imagine if you looked back one year and you could never identify a boring day or a day that was average, the same or like any other. What if every day and every moment could be remarkable?

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