For anyone with a creative mind, different way of expressing themselves or unique perspective of any kind – one of the biggest dangers is not external – it’s you. We each have the ability to create or destroy depending on our choice and when we have more free time and space, the situation can get a little dicey.

So what to do? It’s seemingly impossible to come up with enough ways to get busy while staying under house arrest in the current climate, but there are some different perspectives you can develop so that you can harness this creative never-ending overdrive for your benefit.

  1. Let yourself multi-task

Trying to get yourself to focus doesn’t work without extraordinary levels of discipline and force. And whenever you force any creation, it never comes out the same way. Use the ADHD-like ability to explore multi-tasking to the fullest. Have music on, open a million tabs and start everything you have always desired to. You don’t have to explain how you work to anyone.

  1. Create more projects

A creative needs at least 10 things on the go at all times, they don’t necessarily need to be separate, I.E. having 10 different businesses but you can! It’s more about having enough on the go so that you don’t get zoned in on just one project. Make some of these about fun too! What if you had at least one for your body, leisure, expression as well as income generation?

  1. Don’t kill it!

We have all heard the story of the gardener that plants his seeds and waters them, and then pulls them up daily to check if they are growing instead of trusting the process. This is why #2 is so important, so that you have something else to put your energy on. Once you have got your new projects going, ask them what they require and if they just need to do their thing, then go create something else.

  1. Ask more questions than ever before

Now is a great time to start exploring in a risk-free environment. Ask questions without expectation of answer, but from the desire to explore possibilities. This creates a more explorative playground for you to create from.

Here are some of my favorites right now:

  • Who am I today and what grand and glorious adventure can I have?
  • What’s one thing I would like to do, change, clean out or be that I haven’t given myself permission to yet?
  • Where am I headed? What do I desire to create today?
  • Who or what requires my attention today?
  1. Don’t try to fill up the space

When your life has a more spacious feel than you’re used to, we tend to try to fill up that space and overcompensate. It’s ok if you have “nothing to do” for some time. Instead of trying to frantically resume your previous busy pace, instead practice learning to relax and receive (easy to say, hard to do!). This is a challenge for the control freaks, but an enjoyable future if you’re willing to play!


What’s important is to ENJOY! Remember, the purpose of life is to have fun, not to come out the end of this rest period with insane levels of stress. You have the space to play, so what would you like to choose?