I recently got my official “author” card and became a member of the New Zealand Author’s Society. It was funny to me how “prolific” I instantaneously became because of a little card??? Am I for real? So what’s the real difference between a writer and an author? There’s no difference in the work really, but the result? Incredibly different.

This is why you need to dust off that manuscript, start publishing articles and get your unique perspective down on the page.

First, it deserves to be out there. You think your perspective is like everyone else but you couldn’t be further from the truth. Your very belief that this is normal is what sets you apart from the rest – you’re living it, being it, and an inspiring example for what you stand for.

So why publish your work? Even though it’s scary/not ready/only a rough version/not perfect?

Let’s dig in…

Reasons to publish your work:
  1. When you say you’re a writer, you actually are, because people can google you and see shit.
  2. You get used to hitting the publish button and get your content “out there”.
  3. You actually get feedback and see your progress.
  4. You get your shitty work published so you move on and do something better.

Now once it’s out there, the next step is to market it.

I know… That ugly unacademic word.

Where you have to put yourself forward and stand for what you have produced. Yup, it all seems fine that you published something (especially when you know that No-one is really going to see it)

But now you have to promote yourself? Good god, can’t the writing speak for itself? Well yes, it can. If you let people know where to find it. ; )

Reasons to promote your work:
  1. It can get featured on sites that give you credibility!
  2. If you write a book, it ain’t selling shit unless you promote it. (It’s really just a fancy business card)
  3. You get used to being your own advocate and being confident in what you have to say.
  4. You bully your imposter syndrome into submission.
  5. You get money, and then with that money, you can make more things.

Did you know these already? Most of us do, and they can be helpful to your reasonable mind. But reasons don’t actually get you off your ass most of the time, do they?

So let me ask you this:

Do you want to spend your time on this precious planet making shit that you love?

If that’s a yes for you, then you just need to start no matter what that shitty little voice in your head says.

Simple as that.

So go make something (and remember to hit publish).

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