Erica Glessing is someone who I work with closely and while we are so different there is a joy and ease to creating together. She poses a really poignant point about coaches, healers, teachers and facilitators and how easy it is to stay small, limited and not ‘be out there’ in the world.

Here’s a little extract from the email she sent out:

I was thinking today about the sexy attraction of staying small and invisible.

I came up with a few things:

1: If no one attends your classes, you don’t have to hold them again!

2: If no one answers your calls, you can go to the beach and forget about everything

3: If you stay small, you get to prove to all the people who judged you that they were right!

4: When you turn down your light, you have that sense of false safety, like you can’t be touched

5: When you aren’t listening to spirit, you aren’t becoming more aware, and you get to keep making the same mistakes. Luckily, you are very familiar with this and you can keep telling the same stories about the same mistakes. It’s so comforting.

I am being silly, and I’m not. When I began to become more visible, my life changed. People come to my classes. People buy my books. People sign up for my webinars. People listen to me when I speak. I charge 4X what I charged before for my spirit readings, and people listen 5X more intently to the messages.

I have seen this created in my own life too. I’ve recently had more people than I can count come and introduce themselves to me, thanking me for what I have contributed to them. I’ve been in awe and gratitude. I also had no idea what reach I had, and the depth to what I have been for people.

It’s a priceless gift to be this. It’s also something we can all have!

It’s even “just a choice.”


P.S Erica and Rebecca are teaching a 1-day Media Intensive on getting out there in front of mainstream media and stop being small that you can check out here.