Today more than ever, everything is unpredictable but the few variables we do know are enough to start generating a new business or revenue stream. Whether it’s just to pass over this rough period, or the start of your new financial future, now is the time to create! It doesn’t have to be hard, or boring. Let me show you a different perspective.

  1. Get through your s***

It’s ok if you’re stressed and you don’t know what to do. Most of us are, so have your moment, and then don’t give up. There are so many tools available to help you relax, see a different point of view, and get re-inspired.

Some of my favorites:

  1. Take your skills online

In-person is currently out but of you have a locality-based service, what else is available to you? Beauticians are offering video consultations, instructors are offering online classes, wedding DJs are creating private playlists upon requests. If you are out of ideas, get together with some entrepreneurs friends and brainstorm or book an extrapolation session with me here.

  1. Add multiple revenue streams

It’s reported that on average, millionaires have 5-7 income streams. What if that was your challenge to yourself? How many revenue streams can you create? Ask yourself: “What other possibilities are available I have not considered?” and as different ideas come up, keep asking the question. The more different possibilities you have to look at, the more you have to choose from rather than making a decision after only one answer.

  1. Create connection

People desire authentic connection more than ever before. How can you contribute and bring people together that surpasses physical distance. We are more connected yet isolated than ever before. Ask yourself: “What is missing that I can contribute?” and don’t worry if an answer doesn’t come to you straight away. Keep asking the question and go do something else.

  1. Honor you

When looking to create extra income, one of the major pieces we forget is to put you first. When you don’t put yourself first on the list, you are sending a message that everything else comes before you and you are your last priority. Have you looked at where you are on your list of priorities? One of the greatest ways to start prioritizing you is to put away 10% of everything you earn. You do not spend it; you do not use it in any way other than to honor you. You will find that once you have accumulated a certain amount in this ‘Honoring Account’ that you have a sense of ease around money.


Remember, now is not the time to judge your progress, but to keep moving forward, creating and generating what you know is possible. The gardener that pulls up their seeds daily does not yield the results they are looking for. You will get there!