The final figure on your financial position statement is only one piece of the puzzle to a truly fulfilling life. We tend to get tunnel vision and only focus on the numbers you can attain instead of having a spherical view of your life and the assets in it.

A friend of mine once said to me “Wealth is anything that brings a smile on my face.”  It made me look at where I was focusing too much on the figure in my account instead of the quality of living I was experiencing. We truly don’t realize the gifts we have in our life until we take the time to acknowledge them, but once we do they have even greater value in our life.

Analyze your current level of wealth in these areas:

1. Time

Where does your time go? And do you enjoy the ways you are currently spending it?

Take a look at your calendar and also at your phone usage statistics. Does the way you are filling up your days match the way you would truly like to live your life? Are there moments in your life where you are enjoying and haven’t actually noticed it? Also look at if there are commitments that are consuming your time and energy that you would like to change.

Pivot: Simple adjustments can create a huge difference; Opening a workout video first thing instead of checking social media or finding a way to multi-task during a time-consuming task at work for example. You may also want to look into time blocking.

2. Connection

Your daily interactions with people make up the quality of connection in your life. Who are the main people you are engaging with regularly? Do you enjoy those interactions, or do they become stressful or lacking? Choosing to enjoy the most out of the people you have in your life can create a wealth of support and everyday joy on a deeply understated level.

Pivot: If you are not enjoying your daily interactions or don’t get a choice of who you are surrounded by the majority of the time, choose to actively add more conversations with the people in your life that do contribute to you. A short voice message exchange can make all the difference.

3. Health

By this stage, we have probably realized that taking care of your body needs to be a priority now. We only get one! This is an internal analysis; we are not looking at external here. Ask yourself: Do you have the energy level, sleep well and have a mobility of movement that your body enjoys? Or could you do with more nurturing TLC time?

Developing a relationship with your body is not something we are taught to do, however if you’re willing to talk to your body it generally talks back in it’s own language. The incredible level of information and material on bodies and diets show that there is not one right way to nourish your body.

Pivot: You have to find what works for you.  Start to notice when your body feels it’s best and when its energy levels are most depleted. These are key signs that will show you where to add something different to your life to encourage a wealth of enjoyment in your body.

4. Future

Feeling like you have a lack of options for your future is a depressing experience that doesn’t have to be the everyday reality. Look at where you are in your life and the options you. Ask yourself: What do you think you could choose? The more ideas you can come up with as possible choices, the more you will get a sense of the wealth of future you have ahead of you.

This doesn’t mean you choose all of them. I recommend you don’t try to do all of them at once but be willing to be open-minded and not shut off any possibility that comes your way. Instead even when a crazy idea comes your way, ask yourself: What would that be like?

Pivot: If you get a lot of ideas, Get a notebook or reserve a note in your phone called “My Ideas Book”. This will help you capture your ideas and get more of an idea on when it’s time to take action on them.

5. Generosity

We know we’re supposed to be grateful for our life and the way that it is, but how often do we actively curate and have the gratitude we can? What do you have to be grateful for? And are you generous with yourself and your life or do you secret yourself away?

Living generously doesn’t mean being a philanthropist or getting involved in organizations, although you can. It’s living as if you have and will continue to have enough and offering the same to others.  One of the greatest human moments I continue to enjoy is having a generosity of spirit with those that come into my life.

Pivot: A true generosity of spirit — it means a willingness to give without requirement or validation. It’s as simple as being generous with your acknowledgements of others, celebrating success and merit when you see it and offering what you can without reserve.


Wealth comes in many facets, many of them energetic in nature rather than easily measured in numbers. By analyzing your life as it currently stands by an energy of fulfillment and growth, instead of through numbers and statistics you can gain a different perspective on what is a true priority for you. Every choice you make from the perspective of creating more in your life will allow you to create sustainable growth that is easy to maintain. The more we acknowledge what we do have in our lives, the easier it is to choose more of what we would like to have instead of going for what we’re supposed to want.

Want to up your wealth in all levels?

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