If we have connected to each other somehow – even if just through this blog you’ve probably thought about changing the world or making a difference in some shape or form.

As much as it’s a brilliant, honorable and noble idea – you do have to call some shots along the way – some of these are kindness and allowance in disguise.

And make a road of choosing, having courage and actually getting where you see right now – just a glimmer of possibility easier.

1: The words: You can’t do it

Just wipe these out of existence – are you an infinite being or what?

2: Everyone should come with you

Some people don’t actually have the capacity or desire to change – and that doesn’t make your desire or theirs greater or less – it’s just a choice. What if you honored that?

3: Your Past

Can you truly create a future that has never existed before if you treat anything from the past as significant – even the stuff that worked? If the stuff that worked still worked wouldn’t it create the possibility of what hasn’t existed before? #braintease

4: What people think

Seriously, you just can’t do this…

A: Some people are assholes
B: Unless you’re extra extra motivated by “You can’t do that” and say “Fuck it, I will too” is listening to other people’s points of views really going to create what you’re looking for?

 5: Speaking of which… Anything beginning with “I can’t”

Interested in creating greater possibility? These two words are now banned: I can’t
Infinite beings CAN #justsaying

6: That someone has done it before

 Yes but has a Rebecca, a Samantha or a <insert your brilliant name> done it? Everyone is different and creates differently – can anything ever be created exactly the same twice if it’s done from who they be?

7: Your Excuses

Public Service Notice: For all brilliant world changers, as of right now your excuses have been cancelled. Thank you, this blog #yesyoucancallmeabitch

8: Boredom

Ok I have a feeling I know you – what happens if you get bored? Does the world almost end in a torrent of trauma and drama worthy of an oscar? Boredom will kill you before anything else does! Keep going and never stop creating!

9: More words: “I don’t know”

Would an infinite being ever not know? Try asking: What do I know here?

10: That it didn’t work or do anything

If you tried something but you didn’t see a result – that doesn’t mean it didn’t make a difference. You have no idea who it touched or what ripple it made in their world. Never judge the success of what you created.

11: You don’t matter

Did you see a crane drop on your head? I don;t think so, you;re reading this post. Trust me, if the universe didn’t want you here – you wouldn’t be here. So maybe the Universe actually likes you and has your back. If you knew consciousness had your back and you could do anything – what would you choose?

Whatever you do don’t choose that… that would fuck up the world real good bad… ;)

And you should definitely not tell me all about it.

Here’s to the world changers baby!

Is now the time to be the change? #Let’sDoThis




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