The Culture of Asking

Have you ever wondered why sometimes when you ask for something it's easy and then all of a sudden it's not? Turns out there are two very distinct ways of

Should billionaires be canceled?

It's a popular narrative today: Cancel capitalism and billionaires shouldn't exist. Let's explore - what is this point of view really creating? In saying Capitalism and Billionaires shouldn't exist, that they
by Rebecca Hulse

The Creative Process

Oooh I have an idea! Holy shit can I really do that? That can’t be right, surely it’s been done before. Nope it hasn’t Well fuck Is it really that different? That good. Runs it by
by Rebecca Hulse

Start in the right place

Overwhelm, scatterbrained thoughts, and being paralyzed in inaction doesn't have to be the norm for you. Most of the time when it comes to a business idea, if you don’t know
by Rebecca Hulse