What is Access Consciousness?

Access Consciousness® is a set of tools that create change at an energetic level. They are fast-working, pragmatic and easy to use. Most importantly, they are designed to empower you to know what you know.

My most often used tools from Access Consciousness®:

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When I first was looking for more tools to develop my business, more personal development tools is not what I thought I needed. I went to an introduction class called No More Business as Usual. I had a huge reaction to both the tools and the facilitator. I really got the tools and really didn't get the facilitator. My judgements got in the way.

What I later learned is that the tools work almost in spite of every limitation you have. They have a way of bypassing your logical mind and accessing the insane part of you that is creating how your life shows up today. Would you like that again in english? The tools go directly to the energetic components creating your life and changes them at the source level.

I kept exploring the tools while I lived my life and eventually 10 years ahead of my planned schedule I had achieved my first bucket list. I asked myself: "What the f@# do I do now?" and the answer from the universe? "Buckle up." Since 2012 I have worked with multiple different parts of the companies of Access Consciousness®, including event creation, finances, staff training, international business development and regional management. I have also facilitated workshops all over the world and 1:1 exploring the magic that is truly possible every day through living these tools.

People often ask what it takes to be 'in' Access. There is no in. You choosing to live the lifestyle of using these tools everyday is as close as it gets. It's a wild, wonderful and weird way to live you life but I like the adventure it brings - no two days are ever the same. Plus I know I have a choice in how each day turns out.

Today I am the Regional Coordinator of the Australasian Access Consciousness® Company, a Certified Facilitator and avid explorer of how consciousness makes the world greater. (I'm also happier than I've ever been, probably should have started with that!)

Access Consciousness Classes

There is a plethora of Access Consciousness classes you can attend. I facilitate:

  • - Access the Bars®
  • - The Foundation Class
  • - Access Specialty Classes like Joy of Business and Wealth Creators Anonymous (see below)

Explore all the available classes

The wonderful thing about the Access Consciousness tools

is that you don't have to figure them out or know the meaning behind them to use them and to play with them.  You get way more awareness through doing, choosing, taking action and playing with these tools than you do when thinking about them. 

Rebecca Hulse

What is Joy of Business?

Joy of Business is a specialty program of Access Consciousness. It takes these pragmatic tools and applies them to business - not to get it perfect, or right but to have joy with it. It's founded by my friend Simone Milasas and I had the pleasure of being the Creative Producer for Joy of Business for 5 years. 

It's not just a set of tools, it's a perspective to live by for making money and creating your life. 

Classes available:

What is Wealth Creators Anonymous?

Wealth Creators Anonymous is a specialty program of Access Consciousness. It provides advanced wealth building and facilitation beyond the basic program - Right Riches for You.

In these classes you start to develop your own sense of financial possibilities and get beyond where you are. These are not classes to fix your money problem, they are to build upon what you know is possible.

Classes available:

There is only one thing that truly changes the world, and that thing is consciousness.
- Dain Heer, Co-founder of Access Consciousness


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