"All you do is dream up ideas but get nothing done..."

Sound familiar? This was my belief about myself before I discovered what my true capacities were. 

Ever thought you were something and then later discovered that could not be farther from the truth? Same here.

Picture this, seven years ago in a small outdoor restaurant in Istanbul, Turkey, I had a conversation with my colleagues about a particular concept we had discussed during the mornings’ business event we were running. We discussed the innate capacity people had to either move projects, create ideas or connect people.

One insight I got from that conversation was that we never value what we are, and we often value most what we are not. My belief at the time was “All a creator does is come up with ideas and gets nothing done.” 

How fucked up is that?

So while I didn’t have an immediate life-changing epiphany an origin story should have, I did start to realise maybe I’m not the mover of projects I thought I was, but instead an overflowing creator of ideas I was terrified to be. 

I was so afraid of not living up to the vision of what my ideas could be.

I hid behind my organization and logical project management skills  instead of letting my natural abilities shine through.

I was working so much harder.

Even though I was working with people I adored, and on projects I loved, nothing was moving forward. Every idea had a roadblock and I wasn’t putting any energy into what I personally wanted to create in the world.

I tried leadership techniques, I tried to be more organised, but it felt like we were started from scratch with every single project and no matter how many meetings or “well connected” we were as a team, we never really got further ahead.

It also didn’t help that I was pouring my life’s energy into everyone else’s work. I was trying to please everyone but me and make every single project succeed, even when they needed to fail. I was always reacting to what everyone else wanted, instead of following my own vision.

So I started taking this exploration deeper. In another conversation on the topic of these three capacities (Creating, Connecting and Moving) my good friend asked me “What would you have to stop breathing in order to stop doing?” 

That’s when I knew that ideas were my thing.

 I would literally have to be dead in order not to come up with a new idea.

After that thought, I was off to a running start. I stopped trying to move projects, or be a people person when I wasn’t. I started working with the ever-flowing energy I always had: Creativity. 

Any skill I desired to develop, I used my natural one of creation to help me achieve it. Everything started to flow. I knew how to create, so I knew I could create all of these things. And the crazy thing was I stopped worrying about bringing my ideas to life.

I didn’t have to try and hide what I’d previously judged as being flighty or fickle. I knew I was just following the ideas path and that I would follow through with it. 

I even freely let myself have a bad idea.

Have you ever thought that all your ideas have to be good, and if you fail you’re obviously a terrible creator? Same boat here. But when I finally realised I was never going to stop coming up with ideas, I could let some of them be bad. I stopped being a hoarder of ideas, and started letting them flow. 

I no longer got devastated or fell into a huge energetic lull if my ideas didn’t work out. I could easily move onto the next idea and restart my energy again. This actually brought my ideas to life faster.

I realised that not every creative was having an easy time wrangling their head, and the unique challenges only us folk with incredibly creative head-spaces deal with.
(Bright shiny object syndrome anyone?)

I also knew that simply sharing what worked for me, wasn’t actually what brought the trust I had in myself and my creativity. It was the exploration of knowing truly who I am and what makes me tick. 

So now I don’t show you how I did it. I help you find out how you can thrive in every way you dream of, and bring your ideas to life. 

Isn’t it time you embrace who you are instead of trying to prove you have a capacity that you don’t? No-one else gets to be you. (And let’s be honest, you are more than enough you!)

This is what we do, find your natural ways to work with yourself and your flow. So you’re never trying to be someone else in your life or your business. The bonus of this is that you also know what to do when you’re not feeling inspired or “in the mood” to create.

So, how do we do this?

Each creative, rebel, misfit and adventurer I know cannot help but go off the beaten path. I get that, I cater to that. 

So in The Land of Ideas, we embrace this rebellious spirit instead of trying to tame it. 

There are many different Landmarks to explore in The Land of Ideas, it's up to you to choose your path.

Curious about what this looks like in the life of a Creative?

Each offer I create offers a way to take this fantasy world of the Land of Ideas, and bring it to life in your own world. In the future, we are creating a tool that will allow you to guide your own path through an exploration. But in the meantime, what's a creative to do?

Improvise... and create. 

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WORK together

My target is to empower Creatives to thrive in every way they dream of. This includes business strategy, self-discovery, rebellious living and wealth creation.

Were you looking for the official bio?

Rebecca Hulse is an author, speaker and creative rebel at heart. 

She is a business coach on a mission to help creatives be successful without being exceedingly serious, guiding entrepreneurs to bring their ideas to life and to apply the tools that actually fit their purposes. 

As someone who revels in shaking up the realities and limiting paradigms of her clients, Rebecca thrives in situations where the impossible transitions to possible. As a former performing artist, and today’s contemporary voice for millennials, Rebecca completed her first “bucket list” by age 20. 

She is the personification of her motto, “impossible is temporary,” which is evident in her latest book, Rebellious Rituals. In Rebellious Rituals, Rebecca guides readers to change their daily-life experiences with indulgent self-care, frank acknowledgments, and explosive creativity. 


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