Have you actually looked at what it takes?

It's the same amount of choice to get a glass of wine as it a million dollars. There's just a few more elements of creation to put in place.

The universe has to move a few more things around in it's schedule 😉

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$55 LIVE ZOOM CLASSWould you pay $55 for a glass of wine and the ability to create a million dollars?

"She rocked my world in mind blowing ways!" - GC

“Thank you, Rebecca for your awareness, kindness, and space of Being. You embody such a space of ease that it put me at ease from the moment we met. Our business session was rich with useful tips, awareness, and great questions! ” - Kathy Jones Williams

<span style=Rebecca Hulse">
Rebecca Hulse Joy of Business Facilitator & Partner in Crime

"Thank you so much for the Call! It was such a contribution to me! With everything that’s going on now. I got so much space in my body! It changed the way I am with money. And I love the image of money as an ocean. " - Elena

"I was feeing what u spoke about. And I was already earning my target. I asked the questions on this video and upped my ask. Thank you for this amazing Facebook page you created. So much magic is showing up! I just created the possibilities $15,000 more a month just from watching Rebecca Hulse and Lauren Marie's video." - Grace Hart

<span style=Lauren Marie">
Lauren Marie Joy of Business Facilitator & Partner in Crime

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