How many times have you wished you had a website?

Or if you have a website, do you actually like it?

Is now the time to get over your website shame?

Is enough, enough?!


What if creating a website wasn't that hard?

(and you could have fun with it too)


Here's the deal...

Is now the time to get off your ass, stop any excuses and CREATE?


How can the world find you, how can you contribute to the world if people can't access you without you having to be available 24/7?


Ready to stop being mean and change the world like you desire to?


Note: The #StrongTalk will continue until moral and websites improve! 😉

Here's the deal

The first class is full of  juicy how-to's step by step! We literally make a website from scratch to publish in 90 minutes.

There's also a second step of how to tweak it and look at your new piece of art from a marketing point of view. Live on the video, I review the websites of Get Your Damn Website Up Already Alumni and my favorite websites from around the globe.

Here's what people said during the classes:

Class Participant: I'm ready!
Class Participant: That's the kind of thing I'm talking about - the vibrancy
Class Participant: This is Fabulous 😀
Class Participant:Thank you so much! I'm going to get on it this weekend!
Class Participant: Highly recommend it 😀

  • Get Your Damn Website Up In-Depth Tutorial (90+ Minute Video Replay)

  • Marketing Masterclass with my personal secrets to making websites “pop”.

  • BONUS Pep Talk and Tech Speak PDF Cliff Notes plus access to the replays forever

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- Get Your Damn Website Up Already Class Participants

About The Crazy Girl Doing this Class:

Rebecca Hulse is a go-getting, risk-taking millenial. She is a best selling author of The Energy of Receiving, business strategist and Access Consciousness Certified Facilitator. Websites are a push-go button for Rebecca and she loves to outcreate herself each time - ranging from entire website makeovers in 24 hours to full-on membership websites in three days.

Rebecca loved shaking up the supposed hard-set realities and paradigms kept in place over lifetimes. She sees a different reality and possibility - usually far beyond this reality which she has used to create her own life traveling the world from New Zealand to Costa Rica, USA, Europe, Australia, the Caribbean, Italy, Canada and beyond.

Business is her jam and the online world is her playground of possibilities. Working with Rebecca is a fire-starter for most people's businesses. Be prepared to never be the same again.

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Confused? Me too! Here's the FAQ

  • q-iconBut isn't creating a website hard?

    Well I’d say no but I’m going to show you the proof!

    Screen Shot 2015-06-13 at 1.48.56 PM

    LIVE CHAT: This ROCKS Rebecca!! SO Excited to dive in to the recording and create!!
    LIVE CHAT: Thank you so much for doing this class
    LIVE CHAT: Thank you Rebecca!! xoxo
    LIVE CHAT:  Thank you soo much!
    LIVE CHAT: wonderful class much FUN and ease …let’s do this again and have a part 2!

  • q-iconBut the class is over! Is it still worth it?

    The worth is up to you. (I personally thought it rocked)

    You receive the video replay of both the Tutorial and Marketing Masterclass you can watch as long as the videos lasts. And the question is – are you looking to know how to create a website easily that look professional and Hit publish now?

    Yes? Then yes it is worth it.

  • q-iconWhy do I need a website?

    You don’t need a website. What will it create for your business and the world if you have one? If you were trying to sell jewelry would you do better if you had them in your coat pocket or in your house or in a beautiful shop? Your website is your version of a shop.

    You get to welcome people, introduce them to what you have to offer and make a difference to their lives- your way? Now who doesn’t want that kind of control? 😉

  • q-iconBut I have a page on - ins't that enough?

    Having a website, just like having a Facilitator page is a personal choice. I love having a website because it’s customizable to how I like to play and invite people. It also means if I do lot’s of things (as humanoids do) I have a way to invite them to that.

    Not everything I do is an Access ConsciousnessÂŽ core class or telecall, sometimes it’s business or technology which isn’t always appropriate to have on that site. It’s also media, blog and publicity friendly which is great for world changing.

Ready to be seen...?

(Is now the time?)

Get Your Damn Website Up Already! $150