What if you could have fun with business?

(And you could be good at it too!)


What about your reaction to these words?

Technology, online business, internet, marketing, promotion, money, standing out, hiring people, expanding expenses, social media, email marketing, newsletters, hashtags, twitter, instagram, google hangouts, opt ins...

Expanded and full of possibilities? Or slightly panicked and confused?

Here's a different possibility...


  • Creation is fun
  • The speed of space is the easiest way of functioning
  • Business is a joy
  • Technology is something that makes your life easier - it talks to you even
  • Waking up in the morning is more "Let's do this!" and less "Oh my god I have so much to do"
  • Overwhelm at the least is manageable and best - a distant memory


Is this a reality you're interested in? Let me ask you a question:

  • Are you an established Facilitator looking to up-level your team's skills?

  • Or someone looking to be behind the scenes of the greatest adventures of business?

  • Or a Facilitator looking to upgrade your own skills?

Here's where I need my hopes & dreams bar run:

What if business, technology, online, money and brilliance didn't have to be scary words?

Big Scary Target of Mine: The people the have that capacity to change the world - do. Because they (and their team) have the skills, and global reach that gets their contribution out into the world

Insert: Global Online Businesses (AKA Business that's fun and grows)

Are you ready to let yourself rock in a whole different way?

Rebecca-20 copy


The Business Training program integrating awareness, genius and technology direct from my universe to yours.

Have you ever wished someone would have your back through this whole process of business? I get it, and when I first started I was lucky to have a massive community that knew what they were doing and helped me learn the ropes (RHH B-School) however - what if noone you know has the skills?

This program is like having me whisper in your ear constantly (non-stalker-like) with the best tips and advice I have personally curated that I use to create my business and everyone else I have worked with.


  • For the established Facilitator with a team...

    What if we could expand the brilliance of your assistant(s) in your business? To grow it and your global presence more than ever… (This is also a great program to enroll your assistant in.)

  • For those ready to work with world leaders...

    What if we could explore your personal brilliance with business while teaching you what I know? I’d love more brilliant people in the world who know how to combine their amazing capacities with business to assist others – especially with online marketing, social media and how to take command of technology in general.

    Plus the target of this option is to match make you with a Certified Access Consciousness® Facilitator!

  • For the new facilitators wanting to grow their business...

    Aren’t you just ready to take off?! Would you like a deeper set of business skills to do this with ease?

So what IS this program Rebecca?

Here's how it works:

The How To's

Each week you will be sent a Video Tutorial of the Module, plus a series of Cliff Notes Resources and Action Steps all made to dive in at any level:

Dive in and lap every word up

Search for a specific Tutorial

Skim and find the parts and times in the tutorial you need

Play Time:

You're set up on our private tutorial & project management program, and you get to play with the module material which will be seen by my amazing team as well as myself personally.

Still Stuck?

Download the amazing replay Q&A calls from the brave souls who went through 1.0 of the program live as my guinea pigs!

My personal Target is to teach you the technical ropes you need to learn, guide you to use your own awareness with business & technology and let you take over the world!

I'll have your back - but you're the one at the steering wheel.

Mentorship & Facilitation at is best.

Quick Note from Me
Quick Note from Me

What's involved?


Module One:

Creating the Invitation

Learn how to:

  • How to pull out the brilliance tailored to social media
  • What works on different social media platforms
  • How to create beautiful visuals and graphics without using photoshop
New Year's Business Sale! $250Was $350 - $100 off until January 10th

Module Two:

Advanced Content Creation

Learn how to:

  • Use audio clips to promote tele-classes (like soundcloud!)
  • Sneaky social media hacks that make content go viral

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 11.33.58 PM


Module Three:

Putting it out there

Learn how to:

  • The strategy behind platforms and why it's important to be aware of this
  • Creating and marketing events and how to have fun with it

Module Four:

Automation, Institution + Getting S*** Done

Learn how to:

  • Make it all happen automatically and manually on social media
  • Including applications like using Hootsuite, Social Sprout and schedulers to your advantage and when not to use them.


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pop up book

Module Five:

Delivery Systems: Email Campaigns & Growing Your List

Learn how to:

  • How to engage, and capture people without being an annoying stalker with 'opt-ins'
  • Build Email Campaigns & what do you do with people once you contact them
  • How to create professional Newsletter Emails that don’t suck

Module Six:

Creating Systems - How the F*** do I remember all this?

Learn how to:

  • Use project management software and awareness - organization without stifling creativity
  • Write it out/document your systems! (especially a great idea for employers)


New Year's Business Sale! $250Was $350 - $100 off until January 10th


Streamed Website 2-Part Course (worth $150)

Get Your Damn Website Up Already is a 2-Part video-recorded stream class that will take you from start to publish within two hours on creating a website!

Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 10.11.07 PM Screen Shot 2015-06-21 at 10.06.04 PMScreen Shot 2015-06-13 at 1.48.56 PM

New Year's Business Sale! $250Was $350 - $100 off until January 10th
  • q-iconHow long does the program go for?

    6 Weeks of scheduled emails (approx 40 days!), however lifetime access, as long as the program lives.

  • q-iconIs this a live program?

    No in the sense that the modules are recorded, however this isn’t a home study “You’re on your own!” program.Each week you receive bite sized pieces to implement straight away in an easily received (and fun) format.

  • q-iconWhat is basecamp?

    Basecamp is an awesome project management software used by myself, Access Consciousness® and Joy of Business®. It’s used in this program to help develop your business skills and for me to contribute along the way!

  • q-iconHave more questions?

    Contact me here.

  • q-iconWhat kind of assistance do you offer?

    There is 4 x recorded Q&A Calls of facilitation, resources, inspiration, questions and ideas sent to you weekly as support that directly addresses the challenges you may be facing.

    You can also send me a personal message to review your creation on basecamp!