with Rebecca Hulse

Right riches for you contains a unique set of practical tools and energetic processes you can use to unlock the areas of your life where you limit the amount of money you can have and receive. These tools empower you to change your financial situation with ease and permanence.

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Money does not have to be hard or stressful, it exists to assist us with creating a greater future if we allow ourselves to have that future.

Gary Douglas, Founder of Access Consciousness

Who are Right Riches for You classes for?

These classes are for anyone interested in exploring a different way to create financially. Right Riches For You is about looking at everything that is dismissed, overlooked and judged about money.

These tools are not just for people who don’t have a financial reality they desire. These tools are for everyone who desires more out of life.


Classes Available

  • Creating the New Economy

    If the economy is no longer predictable, what choice do you have? Your current economic situation can change in an instant by circumstance or by choice. Have you been looking for something different financially?

    How much of your life are you working to avoid being a creator?

    – Gary Douglas

    Explore what possibilities are available that you have not yet instituted in a new economy in this Right Riches for You class.

  • The Next Generation of Wealth

    The world as we know it is in constant change, so how do you create a future? Everything you be and create is a contribution the the future you can create, not only for you but for your family and even further. 

    You don’t have to be smart enough to figure it out, you just have to ask the right questions.

    – Rebecca Hulse

    Are you interested in creating a future beyond what has been seen before? Dr Dain Heer has said, “ If you don’t create it, this reality will.” What legacy would you like to leave the world?




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