Have you considered your business or job should be something that is fun for you to create every day? If it isn't then why are you doing it?

Welcome to the tools of Joy of Business®, using the tools of Access Consciousness® to create business in a totally different way. Joy of Business® asks the question, "What if business was fun, and money followed joy and not the opposite?"

Who are Joy of Business classes for?

Anyone with blood running through their veins! It’s about the adventure of living!

Who else would like Joy Of Business classes? Business owners, CEO’s, employees, employers, men, women, anyone desiring to create more in their life and business. Anyone who has an idea and wondering how to create that idea into something that can add to your life and make you money!   What if business had a joy to it? The tools and concepts of Joy of Business® and Access Consciousness® invite you to look at business (and money) from a totally different place and space.   Your business or job should be something that is fun for you to create every day. If it isn’t, then why are you doing it? Joy of Business Classes ask the question,

“What if business was fun, and money followed joy and not the opposite?”

Throughout the class, Joy of Business gives you tools that can be used to create more in any aspect of business and at any level. Not just for corporates or business owners. You will come away from this class with a greater sense of joy in business to change virtually anything.

I grew up with the question of ‘Imagine what you would do if you knew you could not fail?’ to me you cannot fail, failure is just the start of something new.

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Simone Milasas Founder of Joy of Business



Your don't have to be smart enough to figure it out - especially with business. You just have to be smart enough to ask a question.

Rebecca Hulse
Rebecca Hulse Creative Producer - Joy of Business
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Friday 12th January 2018

9:30am Melbourne Time

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Saturday 13th - Sunday 14th January 2018

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Meet Rebecca Hulse


Rebecca Hulse is an author, speaker, Joy of Business Certified Facilitator and possibility-maker.

She is an Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitator, event organiser and consultant, who revels in shaking up the realities and limiting paradigms of her clients.

Having completed her first “bucket list” by age 20, Rebecca is the personification of her motto “Impossible is Temporary”.

Rebecca is the author of three books and regularly speaks to a global audience on business, consciousness, bodies, being and sex. At 24 years of age, she is a go-getting, jet-setting millennial.

She has experienced firsthand the power of opportunity and strives to constantly push the boundaries of what she is capable of, both personally and professionally.

All of life comes to me with Ease and Joy and Glory.®