Want to know her secret?

Meet Rebecca Hulse:

Crazy, (totally bossy), 23 year old, business and creation maven. She's a world traveler, global leader and adores creating whatever she can to create the world knows is possible.

What does that look like?

Well... take a deep breath! She works worldwide on the creation of classes and promotion with Access Consciousness®, she's the leader and manager of Joy of Business® and dips her toes into the growth and strategy behind many successful Access Consciousness® Certified Facilitators business's. Oh! Then she has her own business which includes programs like Become a Business Superstar, The Media & You, The EJG Guide For Facilitators, Get Your Damn Website Up Already and four books, one a #1 Amazon Bestseller.

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I know it's a weird concept, however have you considered what life would be like if you interacted with business and money for the fun of it?

How would you act?
What would you create?
How much would people be drawn to your very presence?


Sound good?

I've created this class for the sheer fun of it! I have a new platform that will allow us all to be on video having a conversation while changing our points of view about business and money.

We'll be using the super fast, awesome tools of Access Consciousness® and really see how far we can get in a one hour pow wow on business and money.

Handy Hint: Come ready to play and change! This is a class for the fun of it, it's not about problems, it's not about stories, it's not about breaking through long-kept challenges.

Isn't it time to have some fun with change? What if it was more: "How fast can we change? Where else do we get to go? What could I be inspired by?"

That's what this class is about.

Ready to play?


Oh dude, you missed the live class!

<------  it kind of looked like that when we were done...

But you can still catch the replay by signing up below!

Business (and money) for the fun of it Replay - $45