The Elegance of Living Google Hangout


Do you enjoy the finer things in life?

Do you like luxury and treating your body? My friend Chris Hughes is doing a free google hangout on The Elegance of Living. Through his guidance and inspiration I personally have increased my worth by $10,000 in antique jewelry investment.

Plus I get to wear it!

This class is designed to give you valuable knowledge about the finer things in life and what you can add to your wealth and living. It is about changing your perceptions of money, value, spending, investing, and worth. It also designed to give you permission to elevate your qualities of life and living, take the best you have available off the shelf and start living. We will go through antiques, precious metals, gems and jewellery, craftsmanship, periods of history and so much more. We will also allow participants to send in their own pieces they would like information on to learn more form each others treasures, and you wil also be given a heap of resources to refer to on your own journey of collecting and investing.

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(We can trade notes after!)

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