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5 Day Banner

5 Day Banner

The Access Consciousness® Core Classes are the most phenomenal contributions to creating what you’d really like to have for me. I’ve personally taken this series of classes over five times (twice is the requirement for being a facilitator) because I see the gift in them and receive the change I’ve been looking for.

These Access Consciousness® core classes have totally rocked mine and everyone I knows’ worlds and will create a brilliant foundation from which to create the type of life you have always wanted to have and have know was truly possible but you didn’t know how to get there!

It’s about following your knowing and uncovering all the ways you thought you needed to be in order to fit into this reality and start uncovering the genius of your own knowing.

What if you were the answer to changing your life?

What if your brilliance and magnificence were the magic ingredients for creating the life you’d like to have? ‘ Days of Radical Tools to Have More of YOU’ is a radical way to jump, heart and head first, into all the possibilities that exist after you learn to get out of your own way.

This day event includes different classes.  You are free to take all three together of individually

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What are you waiting for?

Spread the word and come PLAY with the magic of YOU!!!!

I wonder what you could CREATE if you said yes to choosing more of you?  Katherine brings different perspectives and awarenesses of how to create more in your body, business, life, and relationships.  Get ready for potent days…truly your life will never be the same?  What do you know?

Access Bars®

Working with 32 points on your head, Access Bars in an energetic modality that sets the ground work for you to dissipate a life time of thoughts feelings, emotions and patterns of behavior that are currently inhibiting your life.

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