When you create - what happens next?

Having a great idea and then instituting it, but how do you exponentialize the possibilities available? From every choice, more possibilities ensue - are you taking advantage of them? In this one-off quickie extrapolation session let's start to explore where you can take your ideas next!

Gary Douglas

When you extrapolate, things just “fall into place.”

Gary Douglas Access Consciousness


Rebecca is frying my brain right now!

I’m listening to her brilliant extrapolation call from the other day - OMG!

If you want to have totally different awareness of creator - connector - mover - and also just be fried into the brilliant humanoid business creator of magnitude you be - GET IT!! haha!! It’s $49!! THANK YOU REBECCA!

- Heather Nichols, www.heathernichols.com

Extrapolation Session - $49

Rebecca Hulse has a unique flair and a keen business sense to pin point areas of weakness in your business plan and show you another path. Each time I make an appointment with her I know that my business with grow and change into something bigger and greater than before.

- Curry Glassell, Right Riches for You

She is FUN, AMAZING and BRILLIANT and we have some fun ideas to create and actualize.  Whatever you do, do not hire her to come play.  You may have way too much fun and your business may grow way beyond what you can imagine.

- Laleh Hancock, Global Wellness for All

Create - Then Extrapolate

$49 Investment

Oh no! You missed the boat.

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