Entrepreneur Voices: How To Be An Inspiring Leader (Even When Traditional Leadership Is Failing)


Whether a company of 1 or 100, leadership matters. It directs how you focus your attention, create your vision and how you get from A to B. We know leadership is important, but is it being instituted?   Click here to read more on Entrepreneur Voices.

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11 Ways to Become a Living Legacy on Mind Body Green


A legacy is a long living, impactful memory that has left a positive effect. It is a universal gift that can be used by anyone at anytime. They can be small or larger than life. Being a legacy only requires you to step outside yourself and give your entire heart for one moment. Lifelong legacies…

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Above or Below the Line: Where Are You Living? on Mind Body Green


Creating a high vibration, enjoyable and fulfilling life requires a bit more than just getting what you want. This is where the imaginary “line” comes in. Below the line is Blame, Excuses and Denial, and if you do this, you have made yourself a BED and must lie in it. If you are above the…

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5 Steps To Take Charge Of Your Unruly To-Do List


There’s always so much to do. Everyone demands your attention and time; you come to the end of the 24-hour period called a day, and your to-do list is still there – more often than not with more to do than what you started with. Taking charge of your to-do list is about being in…

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What To Do When Your Plans Fall To Pieces on Mind Body Green


The world in which we live encourages us to set plans, think about the future and have structure. It’s one of the subtle ways fear is integrated into our lives, even if we consciously encourage change. Unfortunately, this means our first reaction when things go haywire isn’t conscious. I’ve had to deal with these haywire…

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Seeking Inspiration? Don’t do these 12 things! on Not Salmon

Is it time to speak? Rebecca Hulse on the Australian Access Consciousness Tour November 2014

Inspiration is the ultimate desirable place of flow – where ideas just float down from the universe into your pretty head – and flow out into whatever physical form is best. It’s a state of gratitude, ease, fun, endless creativity, and energy. Living a life of inspiration feels effortless. Here’s the thing…. A lot of…

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Why I Threw Away My Grounding Essence – Elephant Journal


For years I’ve been buying the lie myth that I need to be “grounded.” I’m too airy-fairy and I need to get real. I was the “weird” one, I was the special project for the body-workers and spiritual healers (early death in an alternatively spiritual family anyone?) and so a good grounding essence should definitely…

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11 Productivity Mistakes You Are Probably Making on Classy Career Girl


Keeping your productivity high is an absolute necessity for any go-getter. There is nothing more important than making sure you don’t get so exhausted and tired that you can achieve your passions and goals. So today it’s my mission to help you stand strong with my nifty secret productivity tips so you can keep transforming…

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Inside Small Business: Why you can – and should – add more to your plate

Get more done - Note Pad With Text On Wooden Table - with office tools

This article is published on Inside Small Business Most advice in the workplace right now is pointing towards minimalism – cut down your obligations, simplify your systems, don’t say yes to new projects, take time off and basically do less! This may reduce the number of events, to-dos and overwhelming emails exchanges, however, it leaves…

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