Inside Small Business: Why you can – and should – add more to your plate

Get more done - Note Pad With Text On Wooden Table - with office tools

This article is published on Inside Small Business Most advice in the workplace right now is pointing towards minimalism – cut down your obligations, simplify your systems, don’t say yes to new projects, take time off and basically do less! This may reduce the number of events, to-dos and overwhelming emails exchanges, however, it leaves…

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The Universe Meets Your Every Step

ESB Rebecca & Dain

In the lead up to the next Energetic Synthesis of Being class with Dr Dain Heer I’m attending, I started looking at the first time I attended this class. I know we say that every Access Consciousness class is different and this one was no exception, what surprised and hit me so deeply from this class…

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You can’t sell Access (or anything else truly of value)


Whenever something truly works at an energetic level it’s difficult to explain, to paint a picture let alone verbally tell them the right energy that will allow them to have it. Gary Douglas, the Founder of Access Consciousness® says “[Access] is not something you “do” it’s a way of life, a way of choosing to…

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Why I wake up in the morning


Someone said to me recently, that there seemed to be something missing or something I was searching for constantly. And the thing is, this is essentially true. There is this gap / hole / ache /burning desire / search / quest / void or whatever you desire to call it in my world and it’s quite…

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Launch Excerpt: The Joy of Changing Fixed Positions


Happy Publishing CEO, Erica Glessing asked me to write a chapter in her group-authored book The Power of Releasing Judgment. The Joy of Changing Fixed Positions is what came out of it. Enjoy a little taste of the book and my chapter… The Power of Releasing Judgment Rebecca’s Chapter: The Joy of Changing Fixed Positions…

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Mondayitus (is it real?)


This quote makes me laugh “Monday doesn’t suck, your life does.” Now it’s a little strong and harsh but sometimes we do need some strong talk. I used to have a really bad case of ‪#‎mondayitus‬ pretty much every week no matter which job or study I was doing. “WHY.. do I have to drag…

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A Rebecca Outburst: Language of Limitations

Screen Shot 2015-04-03 at 4.25.25 PM

I don’t often get frustrated at language or words just by reading them however something they just pop out and scream at you with the lie they’re selling. Words are directly attached to the energy of which they mean, however since 1936 the word meaning s have been changed to match a more colloquial way…

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The Attraction of Staying Small and Invisible


Erica Glessing is someone who I work with closely and while we are so different there is a joy and ease to creating together. She poses a really poignant point about coaches, healers, teachers and facilitators and how easy it is to stay small, limited and not ‘be out there’ in the world. Here’s a…

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Three things I did to get to where I am

Rebecca Hulse in the Space Camp Mastermind Team

(Picture by Pia Jannsson in Sayulita at Space Camp with Cory Michelle, Samantha Caplan & Katherine McIntosh) I recently had an experience where I was offering a possibility and being me and the person I was with judged and compared themselves against me. It was something that surprised me. In my world I was trotting…

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A Question in My World Right Now…

What if everything you have been dreaming on was available?

There’s something I’ve been wondering about this morning: Can you have vulnerability and be happy? Being truly you without any barriers and being willing to receive everything without letting it stick you or get to you is an intense way of being – can you be happy as well or is it an either/or universe?…

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