The Perfectionism Battle

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To be honest – I really don’t want to even write this story! I’m sucking it up right now just writing this because I know you can never write perfectly about perfectionism! Today I launched a new program that was full of the things that are so easy for me, so fun for me with…

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Why I’m crazy about business


I know this post seems a little out of place compared to anything I’ve done before, it’s going to be a little weird but also super super cool. I was basically born into business… – both my parents and grandparents are serial entrepreneurs and investors – property, landlords, term deposits, trusts, debt that works for…

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Valentines Day Navigation Guide – Including bondage + fun for the whole family

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This one’s from the Archives but I had so much fun writing it I had to share! Valentines Day can be a shitty little bugger of a day, whether your attached (:P I’m #sorryimnotsorry for being so irreverent) or single its a day full of judgement – and you know how I see that. (If…

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Mercury Retrograde… that B**** again!


This is an old blogpost from my wiped site – seems relevant right now! A lot of my spiritual/energy friends have started gearing up for the Mercury Retrograde and this time last year I would have joined them in the freak out festival. However this year I have more awareness and when people started mentioning…

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For all the perfectionists


My phenomenal friend George Carroll has been talking a lot about perfectionists recently and I adore this conversation! He posted this poem on facebook today and I’m a little in love. What if control and perfection wasn’t a strongness but a capacity….? I’ll leave it at that: The Perfectionist The perfectionist lives to make bountiful…

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What do Coco Pops & Space Cadets have to do with Changing the World?


On my new series: Shaking Up Your Reality: Creating 2015 as a World Changer we had way to much fun! And some crazy awarenesses came out – like this one…

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Are you Done Starting From Scratch?


How many times have you started from scratch in your life? In business? With money? What about relationships or cities? Or even every day? Gary Douglas had a massive realization at a class in Denver I was at about how much he enjoyed and had been choosing starting from scratch – the pleasure of letting…

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11 Things to Forget if You Want to Make a Difference


If we have connected to each other somehow – even if just through this blog you’ve probably thought about changing the world or making a difference in some shape or form. As much as it’s a brilliant, honorable and noble idea – you do have to call some shots along the way – some of…

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To the World Changers (even if they don’t know it yet)


Hey World Changer, Reality Shaker, Brilliant Being and Sweet Sweet Body… Yes I am talking to you. If you clicked this link you are in the right place. I just wanted to say – you’re doing great, just choosing 10 seconds of you, of stripping down to your infiniteness, dreaming of a different possibility –…

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